The Rapture – or I’m not cleaning this dump

Just in case this Rapture thing really does happen today and the believers ARE sucked up into the heavens, I have decided not to clean this dump, er, I mean my humble abode.  I would like to spend my last “normal” day before chaos ensues doing those things I truly love – reading, cooking, loving my dog, perhaps sewing a bit, writing a little, and lounging. Since Sweet Cheeks is sleeping (a nasty side effect of working all night), I guess I won’t be doing EVERYTHING that I enjoy. Sigh.   I don’t believe I will be ascending from my spot on the couch at 6 PM, but I’m not taking any chances.

Therefore, I will NOT lift a toilet brush, vacuum handle, mop, sponge, Swiffer utensil or dish towel on this day.  Of course, that doesn’t make this day REALLY all that much different from any other day, I guess, Rapture or not.

I can spend some of my reading time perusing this  website ( to see what I should be doing to get ready, except that I have already plopped my capacious panties on the couch and I’m not getting up unless it’s to fix a margarita later.

This is entirely too funny.


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