Caffeinated Pants –

Oh, for the love of latte, what will they think of next? Now, I definitely need to lose a few (about 50 times) but I think I’m gonna pass on the caffeinated pants for weight loss.

Apparently, you wear these pants that have been impregnated with caffeine for 5 hours a day and your butt and thighs will become sleek and svelte. I’m here to tell you, as does the video, that the only thing that will become smaller is your weekly allowance – you know, the money you COULD HAVE spent on real coffee that you drink. Which by the way HAS been proven to increase your metabolic rate and can contribute to a slight increase in calories burned.

Oh, and the manufacturer recommends that you use the pants in conjunction with a calorie-restricted diet and cardiovascular exercise? Really? Damn. I was gonna slip into a pair and hit the bar for happy hour, then the super buffet for dinner, run by DQ for a Peanut butter cup blizzard on my way home, then sit in front of the tv eating bonbons and let my caffeinated pants do all the work.

Besides, if coffee on your clothes could make you slim, I’d be a freakin’ supermodel because NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, has spilled more coffee over the years on their clothing than yours truly.


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  1. excellent response to a complete BS ad! Drink it, don’t wear it should be your motto – I’ll vote for that

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