Hurricane Season 2011

Image: File photo of a weather forecaster pointing at Hurricane Isidore on a video map in 2002 (© Hillery Smith Garrison/AP)

I don’t think I like hurricanes.  I’ve never actually lived here in Florida during hurricane season.  So I’ve perused the massive amounts of hurricane information out there.

Here are the names for 2011.

2011 Tropical Storm Names & 2011 Hurricane Names

Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia, Philippe, Rina, Sean, Tammy, Vince, Whitney

Followed by the greek alphabet, if needed.

Bret?  Really?  Greek alphabet?

I’m going to spend the day getting hurricane ready.  Here’s my to-do list

Get fluids.  Water, tequila, lime juice, gasoline (to keep my car running so I can charge my cell phone, you know)

Get haircut.  You never know, Cindy might not be able to get into her shop for a week or so.  You think I want to pick through rubble looking like this?

Get dog food and treats. Sure, I’m going to need food for me, but how could I possibly eat in front of Shelby the Wonder Shepherd?

Get food for me…let’s see, what can I stockpile that won’t require refrigeration and will supply enough energy for picking through rubble?  Tortilla chips, cheese sauce, cheetos, chocolate, marshmallows, pickles , pop tarts and Reisling (okay, okay, it should be chilled – I’ll put it in my car with the air conditioning running while I’m charging my cell phone and checking my e-mail on the laptop).

Who am I kidding.  I’m packing up and heading north!



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18 responses to “Hurricane Season 2011

  1. Awww, you’ll be okay. My parents moved to Jacksonville nearly seven years ago (unlike most people, they moved because my father had to for work, and they’re moving back north when he retires), and their first summer there, they had four hurricanes. No big whoop. 😉

  2. No, seriously, I’m heading north for the rest of the summer. I teach at a local community college and my classes are done this week. Part of the deal when I agreed (?) to move away from my friends and family was that I would go north each summer to visit my grandchildren and enjoy the cooler temps of Michigan. We have a 35 foot travel trailer in a private campground so it’s not really like camping (but as close as I care to get these days – I’m too danged old for sleeping on the ground.) So with any luck, I’ll miss most of the hurricane season. Hurricane Charley (2004) redesigned our retirement home before we could even move into it – 4 months after we bought it. So the only experience I have with hurricanes is the clean-up.

  3. Oh yuck — hurricane season!! Brings back terrible memories in that I lived in Homestead, FL when Andrew hit in 1992. But the best part is that I then moved to the Pacific Northwest! Going north to visit family in Michigan is a perfect solution. I’ll be watching the hurricanes and hoping the best for you!!! And I’m with you on the names; Gert? you have got to be kidding! Guess it’s better than Gertrude. And that was my grandmother’s name so I’m besmerching the name, just that a hurricane may use it.

  4. Our last summer in Orlando, we had 3 hurricanes in 6 weeks. We lost 3 or 4 trees and a bunch of shingles but otherwise came out OK. The worst part was waiting to see whether it would make landfall. One of storms that hit us made a 360 out in the ocean. It was like, “It’s coming. No, wait, it’s turning. It’s going back out to sea! No, wait, it’s turning back.”

    • Yes, they can be very unpredictable. I would think the waiting and watching would be the worst part. Charley was supposed to make landfall farther north but turned inland a little sooner than predicted.

  5. tsonoda148

    Love your to-do list. Have a good trip up north, but please keep blogging.

  6. I’m not impressed with Bret either. We always wonder why some people don’t evacuate, but it’s probably because Bret doesn’t sound scary. I think all the names need to be ominous like Spike. Hurricane Spike sounds threatening.

    • Yes, I agree. Spike does sound ominous. Attila would be good, too. I’m not sure I’d get up out of my recliner for Bret, though. I’m looking forward to my upcoming trip but just realized I’ll be coming back long before hurricane season really gets over. At least they’ll use Vince and not Vin.

  7. It’s nice to see you have your priorities in order.
    I pack for myself pretty much the same. As long as there is is beer and chips I’m a happy camper. But don’t ask me to go camping. I am with you. Been there done that. For years with kids, when it was fun. I like to be inside now, with air conditioning, a flush toilet, showers that don’t take quarters and a bed.
    I am raising my beer to you and toasting the ocean for a hurricane free season, and may God have mercy on all of us for a change. Man there’s been a fair bit of tragedy lately with the weather. You take care k8edid.

  8. Am in the panhandle right now and howling with laughter. Hurricane Tammy? And agree with priorities–it’s all about hair and nails first, then wine and chips as rations.
    And doesn’t the Weather Channel play it to the hilt?
    Here’s to a safe fall, with no Tammy in sight…

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  10. tsonoda148

    It’s good to have a plan. Especially one as funny as yours. Glad you headed north though……just in case.

  11. I’m thinking you should consult for FEMA! Funny post–you had me laughing. Your sense of humor is similar to mine. You have a new fan and subscriber!

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