I’ve Still Got It – But Nobody Wants to See It

Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true.  I believe someone was trying to pick me up today.  I’m pretty sure, anyway.  I used to just think men were being friendly but my husband and sons tell me that these guys are “hitting on me”.  Would’ve thunk it?

Today I was at a highway rest area walking my dog (about 90 pounds).  A truck driver came up to me with his “alleged” dog (about 3 pounds – max).  This guy was definitely trying to flirt with me.  He was very nice, (older, scruffy – well, okay dirty) and we talked a bit.  His pretend dog peed on my foot.  I was not impressed and Mr. Friendly quickly scooped up the mangy mutt and headed back to his big rig.  Thankfully there was an outdoor hose where I could hose down my sandal and foot.

Just a few days ago I stopped to get some bait to take on a fishing trip with my sons and oldest granddaughter.  A nice (elderly, scruffy – well, okay, dirty looking – notice a trend?) man attempted to engage me in conversation in the store.  On our way to the car (I was with my younger son, Lefty) the gentleman stopped me in the parking lot and attempted, again, to engage me in a prolonged conversation. I was polite, and friendly, but did not encourage him.  Lefty was beside himself in the car, snickering and he finally tapped the horn to rescue me from the clutches of my new-found fishing buddy.

Once when grocery shopping a gentleman followed throughout the store asking me questions about produce, cooking, movies, my phone number, etc. etc.  I, innocently, thought he was just friendly.  Lefty was with me that time, too.  He still gets a kick out of telling the story of my grocery store stalker and how clueless I was as to his intentions.

In a bar, the drunkest man in the room will want to dance with ME.  When out with single friends, men will come up to me and strike up a conversation, leaving the singletons to entertain themselves.  I really don’t think I’m giving off a vibe that says “I’m available” so I don’t know what to think about unsolicited attention.  My husband, Sweet Cheeks, says it is because I am relaxed, friendly, funny, approachable – obviously comfortable and not trying to impress anyone (?).  I’m not even sure what I think about that comment.  But I do like it when HE flirts with me.



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10 responses to “I’ve Still Got It – But Nobody Wants to See It

  1. Another great post! I love your description of these possible suitors–you write so well and connect with women going through the will-anybody-but-my-dog-find-me-attractive stage of life, which for me has been most of my life!

  2. tsonoda148

    Oh gosh, I absolutely loved this post! I don’t get any stalkers or flirts or scruffy….I mean dirty. I feel slighted. The most male attention I ever get is when one of my grown sons wants to borrow money. No wait! I do get “courted” somewhat by the 90 year old geezers in the casinos. Never fails. I can sit down at my favorite machine, order a drink and get all comfortable and ready to win millions. What happens? Geezer sits down right smack next to me and starts yacking. And to ice his raunchy old cake, he lights up a cigar. Oh The Fun. I feel pretty….oh so pretty!!!

  3. So long as Sweet Cheeks still flirts with you, it doesn’t matter about the others. And the others may be dirty/drunk, but they’ve got good taste in flirting with you. 🙂

  4. Hiliarious!!!! And so agree about Sweet Cheeks. Meanwhile, same thing happens to me, at the fillin’ station and such. These odd, random types…fun? or not so fun.

    • I am never sure whether I should be flattered or frightened…the guys (Sweet Cheeks and my sons) think it is hilarious and they often take bets if we are all out together to see how long it will be before some man comes up to me and strikes up a conversation – they do it even with my husband sitting right there. I always give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are just friendly but “they” tell me otherwise.

  5. My wife never realizes when men are flirting with her. I wonder how she ever dated before we were together. Or maybe she’s just out of practice in recognizing the signs.

  6. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious but sometimes I don’t get the feeling that’s what is going on. I have to say subtle is probably better. I”m glad my family finds it so entertaining.

  7. Great post! You must have IT and don’t know that you do 🙂

  8. LMAO!
    That is hilarious!
    How did I miss this!
    When any men approach me I am the opposite.
    A guy came up toward me at the gas station and I said,”Take one more step and I will hurt you.” and I opened a switchblade.
    Now of course I was mugged in front of my own freakin’ house 2 years ago. Before that I was friendly. Now I’m just pissed. No one gets near me.
    I wish I could be like you and have dogs piss on my feet.

  9. Yes, I’d say, you still have it, so good for you. Right now, I’d kill for one of those construction workers who used to whistle at me when I walked passed, to do it again, but honey, at my age, no one gives me the time of day! So, you go, girl! Just work it for all it’s worth! 🙂

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