Where I am From

Renee, from http://lifeintheboomerlane.wordpress.com/, inspired me so with her post about her parents and their beginnings and journey.  I decided to do my own.  I’d love to see/hear yours, too.


I am from loud family dinners. I am from a perpetually pregnant mother and a seemingly endless stream of younger siblings.  I am from 2 fathers – the absent one I fantasized about; and the abusive one who headed my family instead.

I am from fluffy barn kittens and the velvety softness of horses’ noses; and calves with rough hides and sand-papery tongues.  I am from hayfields and tractors, grain and manure.  I am from endless days spent in the garden or in the kitchen canning and freezing food that wouldn’t last long enough. I am from a ramshackle farmhouse, sleeping in a bedroom frigid in the winter, sweltering in the summer.

I am from drifted snow and fire-fly lit summer nights.  I am from spring crocuses poking through the snow and fiery fall colors.

I am from yellow school buses.  I am from hand-me down clothes and shoes and the shame of being poor.  I am from a teenage marriage  that was supposed to deliver me from the drudgery and abuse; but which could not, and did not, fulfill the promise.

I am from the beeping of monitors and the call lights of patients entrusted to my care. I am from touch and caring, relief of pain and easing of worries. I am from their gratitude and hugs.  I am from  prayers at their bedside and tears at their passing.

I am now from palm trees and sunshine; surrounded by the beauty of crinkled faces and lives mostly lived out.

I am from words spilling out and words kept inside.

I am from tremendous gratitude and endless hope.  I am from forgiveness and letting go of the pain, and holding onto the comfort.  I am from peace.



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17 responses to “Where I am From

  1. Loved your “Where I Am From” at Renee’s blog and so impressed with how you spontaneously produced such a beautiful piece. Very nice piece! I was so impressed I had to visit you and voilá here it is for me to read again. Every sentence, every word, every thought follows a sequence and equals the power of the one before. What a journey and I can feel you are at peace to write with such clarity.

  2. Beatiful and honest post. Enjoyed it very much.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it – I would love to read/hear yours, as well.

  4. K8, this is wonderful! You mentioned to Georgette that it just flowed out of you – I think that adds to its authenticity and purity. I may have to give this a try … right now, I am from a long list of to-dos. (smile)

  5. This gave me goosebumps. The last paragraph gave me sweet tears. So, so very beautiful, and so, so very familiar.

  6. Deborah – I appreciate your praise more than you know. I admire your writing very much. Thanks.

  7. This is a lovely piece of prose. The candidness of your words is beautiful.

    • Thank you – I guess that it was easy because I didn’t have to make it up, doctor it around, or try to make it interesting. It’s just me and I didn’t try to make it anything else.

  8. No amount of specific details would have made your post any more informative. I know a piece of you now and thank you for such an emotional history of where you’re from. thank you!

  9. This was absolutely amazing–your words paint such a vivid picture of your life and experiences.

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  11. Fantastic. Where’s that “I’m not worthy” button. Thank you for sharing a piece of you.

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