WordPress Buttons I’d Like to See

Ever wish there were more buttons to press when reading blogs?  Me, too.  Here are a few I’d like to see.

For those occasions when “Like” just doesn’t cut it.

When a favorite blogger is just on fire.

 I think we’ve all read at least one blog that rendered us incapable of typing a comment of any kind because we were moved to tears.

Admit it, you don’t always think something that was “Pressed” was really deserving.

  When you’ve read something that makes you realize that even though you consider yourself fairly intelligent and relatively witty, you are out of your league.

   For when you’ve read, and even re-read, the post and you still don’t know what was being said.

 For those photo blogs that….well, take your breath away.

 When you are convinced that the blogger is the next great author about to be discovered.

  Well, you know what this one means

 Pretty obvious.

When you stumble upon a new blog that you can’t get enough of.

 When you realize the blogger is a raving lunatic, but not in a good way.


 Laughing my pants off.

 For those posts that are incredible but probably not credible.

 For those posts that hit so close to home that you become extremely uncomfortable and start squirming in your office chair.

 Happens quite frequently and I wish you would stop.

Used when you are greatly amazed or wildly amused by a post.

Used when you are sick of being greatly amazed or wildly amused by bloggers who are so incredible you are pretty sure they don’t really exist.


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31 responses to “WordPress Buttons I’d Like to See

  1. Spot on! Now, if you can just convince WordPress that these buttons are absolutely essential to our well being!

  2. You rocked this post out of WordPress park. The ‘Like’ button just isn’t enough. I’ve even tried hitting ‘Like’ a bunch of times thinking it would count more.

    • Thanks, Sharon – there has to be more to life than just “like” and “follow”. I can understand wanting to provide a supportive environment for colleagues, but sometimes, a little criticism might not be a bad idea. Lovingly administered, of course. I shudder to think how many BS buttons might have been hit on some of my posts!!!

  3. I love it and the button’s, i will try and find the link where you can make your own button’s

  4. Brilliant! Several of the buttons you propose could be used for this post. This one, too: Freshly Pressed Overlords, Look Here!

  5. This blog belong’s to panos who is one of the main helper’s on WP if you have a code for a button he can change it for word press.

    Don’t know who this is, found it in panos’s site.


  6. Oh my GOD I love these!

    And yes, many apply to your blog — the ROCKIN’ AWESOME ones! 🙂

    Hey Freshly Pressed Overlords: Look here!!!!!

  7. Where did you get this?! Not that I don’t think you couldn’t come up with this cleverness on your own. I know you could, K8. If anyone could – you could. … This is brilliant! Too dang funny! Love it! How many more ‘!’ can I use? Tons!!!!

    • I really did come up with it myself, and even found the website to make the buttons…anything to keep from cleaning the house or doing laundry. I can’t believe I didn’t think of “Brilliant” (because I say it all the time, like the guys in the Guinness commercial) or “No Sh*t” (also, because I say it all the time – at least to myself!!!). Or maybe one with just lots of !!!!!.

  8. I agree with Lenore Diane and you, go ahead and update to add a Brilliant! Love these! You should revel in your brilliance and feel good about doing that laundry and house cleaning now. The time will fly and you won’t even feel it.
    Just thinking…do you have these buttons for comments too?

    • I wish these buttons would work in the comments – but so far, no. I might do an update, will have to think about any others I might have missed. Thanks for stopping in.

  9. winsomebella

    How fun was that???? Bravo.

  10. This is spot on!! Not only should WordPress incorporate these buttons, but they should pay you too.

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  12. LKD

    I think we should campaign to get these added in the next upgrade. Too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  13. These were excellent! I laughed at “end stalking” and “too true to be good”.

  14. I am definitely going to Begin Stalking here. You really captured my frequent reactions.

  15. Val

    Great idea. Trouble is, I’d be tempted to put the ‘What?’ one on my own posts…!

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  17. Lisa Wields Words

    I want these buttons!

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