Close Encounters of the Weird Kind

My beloved driver in front of Devil's Tower National Monument

If you haven’t seen “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, do so immediately after viewing this post.

Another beautiful blue sky as only the West can produce.

I mean, really, it was even BLUER than this! (unretouched photo)

I used my leg injury as an excuse not to climb (as if!! - I cannot even traverse horizontally, as evidenced by the leg injury)

View from the "back"

So cute!

Hundreds, if not thousands, of these little guys in the "community" at the base of Devil's Tower.


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8 responses to “Close Encounters of the Weird Kind

  1. Spectacular! Did you get to interview that cute critter or is he a part of your tour?

  2. Oh, the prairie dogs are so adorable. My husband commented the other day that I have an animal picture for every spot we went – but these little guys I just loved.

    • Oh, did you mean the 2 legged critter? He is really cute – he looks familiar. Hmmmmm. I think it is my husband, but I can’t be sure. He could be an alien.

  3. The shot of the climbers is amazing! And, I’m afraid when I look at the Devil’s Tower all I can see is a pile of mashed potatoes.

  4. Awesome photo of Devil’s Tower Monument. But I see something else besides prairie dogs…is that an MSU t-shirt? I went to MSU back in the day.

    • You bet it is. I got both degrees at MSU. He worked the football games for many seasons before we moved to Florida. We lived just south of campus for about 30 years. GO GREEN.

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