Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial – National Parks Service

Mt. Rushmore National Monument

Mr. Lincoln

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Theodore Roosevelt

On the grounds of Mt. Rushmore National Monument

The monument was spectacular, as was the sky, which was incredibly blue and cloudless that day.

Long spikes of rock are used to make pupils appear in the eyes.

Driving away

Not a very fast get away as these guys didn't want to move

Bison herd on and near road exiting Mr. Rushmore vicinity.

The day was perfect for capturing the magnificence of Mt. Rushmore.  I was travelling with a leg injury from a fall, so I was unable to do much walking.  Fortunately, the indoor museum provided seating for the shows. The day was clear and warm – without a cloud in sight.  Another perfect day on the trip of our dreams.


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5 responses to “Mt. Rushmore

  1. Love the “close-up” of George’s eye and how the trees frame the 4 faces. Awesome! I haven’t been there…yet, but would love to see live. Thank you for the virtual tour.

  2. You’re welcome. You are also probably going to get sick of seeing my pictures from our trip last fall. It was truly spectacular. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, but I love reliving it. I’ve even put the pictures on a jump drive to play on our television. The magic of it (after all, it was just a tour of some of the national parks and monuments), was that it was something we were always going to do “someday” and we actually DID IT.

  3. Mount Rushmore is amazing. No, I’ve never seen it in person – perhaps one day. Still, your pictures are excellent. The close up is fantastic. The beautiful blue sky enhances the pictures, too. Nice day!

  4. Keep posting those pictures! It is how I (and others) get to see things we have never seen before. Love Mt. Rushmore! I understand the buffalo issue. I was in Yellowstone Park once and had the same issue with those hairy beasts.

  5. Oh, I will. Like I said, you all will get sick of my vacation pictures. I have tons of Yellowstone pics coming up soon. Thankfully, for you guys, I am only posting my favorites (and unlike if I invited you over to look at them) you can walk away!!!

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