I Did Not, I Repeat, I Did Not Have a Bad Week at Work

Last week, I whined about having to wear makeup, having to wear shoes and having to work in general.  I had a much better week than this woman.  I swear I will never complain about work again.  Wearing makeup and shoes, yes – work or my boss, no.

I did have to work with “Perky Blonde” but I was an adult about the whole thing.  Sneezing in her face was purely an accident, I swear, and I refrained from spitting in her coffee.  Honest.

I met a child, and that made it a good week.  I’m hoping Charlie was able to stop obsessing about the brain eating amoeba and have a good week himself.

I got my marriage contract renegotiated – so looks like Sweet Cheeks is stuck with me another year. In another life I must have been very, very good to deserve such a loving and generous man (’cause I know I haven’t earned it in this lifetime).

Darla got me thinking about whether I’m a blogging addict, and what I get out of blogging.  I penned a quickie poem (hey, don’t blame me – she started it!!!)

I blog because I want to
I blog because I must
If I don’t write something soon
My brain will turn to dust.

I blog because it heals my pain
I blog to spread my wings
I blog when my heart is breaking
And when my heart sings.

I read a post I could have written
And know we’ve felt the same thing.
I learn some stuff and laugh a lot
At posts that zip and zing.

I read all the blogs I’m following
I check my stats repeatedly
When the stats are up – I glow.
“I can write” I crow conceitedly.

When stats are down I tell myself
It doesn’t matter one bit
I blog for me, and not for you –
But I’m thinking “I can’t write for shit”.

I had a kick-ass week.


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12 responses to “I Did Not, I Repeat, I Did Not Have a Bad Week at Work

  1. A nice post and very good poem keep it up, i’m glad you got marriage contract sorted i was worried the next post might be a split 🙂

  2. What is it about those stupid stats that can make or break a good day? I’m with you on that one.

    • I don’t know – I guess we just want to believe someone is listening/reading/caring. How about the employer who put the woman in the box? Makes putting on pantyhose and a smile seem like the least I can do for my job.

  3. Yep. Those stats really have way too much power over me. Great poem!

  4. I’m in awe of how your posts just keep on coming. I have my favorites “Her legacy lives”, “WP Buttons I’d like to see”, “Mr. Rushmore”, “Charlie and the brain-eating amoeba” and your most powerful post “Where I’m from” just in the month of August. Your poem took me back through the reads you have shared with us. In composing this comment I had to go back to capture the titles…so I guess your stats might climb a bit on a Sunday night.

    • Oh, so that was YOU clicking on all those posts!!! I’m glad you are enjoying the posts – I sure enjoy doing them. I find that sometimes I start in and I end up in a whole different direction that I thought I would go. I’ve started a new job, so maybe I’ll have to slow down a little with the posting (either that or give up housework, cooking, laundry and talking to my husband. As always, I appreciate your feedback and support. Take care.

  5. Love your poem..true..so true!

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