Blogging buddies and a HouseHusband

Sorry, blogging buddies, I’ve been MIA – somehow WordPress duplicated all my subscriptions, then suddenly all were gone.   I felt as if I had been cut off from civilization.

My husband is now unemployed.  He had retired last year, and we moved to Florida.  He was going to get aother job in his usual profession (corrections) but the job he wanted did not come through.  He took another job and it sucked all the joy out of his life.  So now he is unemployed.  I have tried to find a job description for “househusband” but no luck.  I have a lot of ideas for things he can do all day (you know, besides listening to sports talk radio all danged day and watching stupid movies).  He already does a lot of stuff around the house, like dishes and laundry but I don’t want him to think that will be all he has to do.

So, blogging buddies, how about you give me ideas about drafting up a job description for my newly unemployed spouse?  Just know this about Sweet Cheeks – he cannot cook and believe me, we really don’t want him in the kitchen.  And he is container-impaired – he simply cannot open a container without destroying it.  Okay – send your ideas right along and I’ll draft the job description.

Then, because we suddenly found ourself with just 1/2 an income (I am only working part time) we decided to take a road trip to Charleston, SC to visit relatives.  Seemed only right to spend more money given the circumstances.

Will be home in a day or two, so hopefully I can get the rest of my subscriptions caught up, so if you see me as a “new” subscriber please don’t think I am stalking you, unless of course you like the idea of being stalked, then consider yourself stalked.



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20 responses to “Blogging buddies and a HouseHusband

  1. because he’s outta work not so sure if “like” is appropriate here. hope u enjoy your holiday.

  2. Well, he’s actually retired – so it’s not the end of the world. I’ll find plenty for him to do. it will actually be good because he REALLY needs to do something besides wrangle prisoners…I can’t imagine that is very rewarding.

  3. Maybe sign him up for a blog? That would keep him busy.

    I feel for you, I really do. My husband was between jobs earlier this year and had about 2 months off and I think by the second week I was ready to rip my hair out. He managed to do plenty of yardwork. I have never seen our lawn so plush, like a golf course. Maybe your husband could putter around the yard? Or take cooking lessons? hang in there, k8e

    • Well, he has mentioned that he might start a blog. Only he hates writing anything and can’t spell.
      Maybe our lawn will turn out “lush” or maybe he will become a “lush”.
      I am actually more upset about my subscriptions being tossed – we had allowed for the possibility of jobs not being in place and have a contingency in place. However, having to track down all my blogs I have come to treasure was a more painful blow!

  4. WordPress has messed up my subscriptions, too. They have some of them back, but I am still missing some as well.
    I feel for you and the husband’s job situation. here, husband could retire but can’t due to finances, plus, all medical insurance is through his job. Don’t all former corrections guys become bailiffs? They do here. Or, possibly they serve legal documents on wayward defendants…the other common job I see is that they become bail bondsmen. Good luck with it. Just remember he is probably as depressed as you are frustrated.

  5. I retired 2 years ago and i love it, i’ll come back with a job discription for you i’ll have to think about it 🙂
    My subscriptions do not work neither doe’s the subscribe button, WP have messed up big time.

    • Thanks, that one is cute…I’ll work on one for him. Our children are grown so that frees up a lot of his day…of course, the dog will get lots of walks, now, I am sure. Plus he will be looking for something.

  6. Sorry to hear about your economic and WordPress set-backs. Double-whammy.

    I think he could troll WordPress and make comments for you on new blogs, thus finding you new readers. He’s a smart guy (he married you), so he’s sure to be a success at that.

    He could program your DVR (if you have one) with all your favorite shows for you to watch together in all your free time.

    Volunteer at a local daycare or animal shelter. I’m sure his prison guard skills will come in handy in either place.

    He could scour the Internet for odd/funny stories for you to blog about. Just make sure you block any X-rated sites and hide the password…

    If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know…

  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    I am at home all day and consider myself a “Professional Domestic Engineer”. When people ask what exactly I do, I laugh and say “It’s more like what DON’T I do?”……… Tell your husband he is not alone. For whatever various reasons, there are others of us out here in the world who can sympathize with what he is going through…. Just keep him off the Soap Operas! They got me years ago and I needed an intervention to ween me off of them…. 🙂

    • I’m pretty certain he won’t get hooked on the soaps…We both are okay with his unemployed status right now, even though looking for a job in this economic climate makes me a little nervous. It’s an opportunity to explore and grow – what could be better?

  8. Same thing happened to me re: subscription issues–haven’t been able to load mine and catch up!! Hope you had a blast in Charleston!

    • What a beautiful city. Of course, I’ll post some pics when I get them straightened around. The subscription issue has been a pain in the butt – I think I got most of my lined up again – I’m sure I’m missing one or 2.

  9. Michael

    What is the recipe for making ends meet? (or Ends Meat as I thought everyone was saying when I was young. Hey, everyone was trying to make it so it must be a hard recipe, still is.) If I knew the answer, (wouldn’t that be something!) life would be much easier. But, I don’t worry about things that I can’t control and focus my energy on things that I can manage. Like raising kids and doing my best with the career that I have. Your husband will find his passion with your help and that will make all the difference.


    • Oh, that is cute – ends meat. We aren’t worried. I just want to make up a job description for him – tongue in cheek, of course. I just want him to have something to do that is rewarding and allows him to SLEEP (that night shift darn near killed him and ME). I think deciding to make changes – instead of having changes forced on you – is a lovely thing. I’m hoping he sees it that way, as well.

    • Michael, go to dashboard, users, personal setting, down to account details, and enter your blog URL in website and save. It means your name is live for people to click and you don’t have to post your site url. Harry

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