Don’t Worry – Bead Happy

I’ve decided to post some jewelry and ornaments I’ve beaded in the past.  Maybe this will inspire me to get my rear end into my little studio and get creating again.

Mona Lisa beaded bracelet - needs clasp!!

I loved making this bracelet, but never put a clasp on it.  Unfortunately, I have a whole drawer of UFO’s (un-finished objects).  The design is by Diana Hiott.  It really is striking, guess I should finish it.

Beaded snowflake ornament

Another Snowflake ornament

Double spiral bracelet

Swarovski crystal cuff bracelet

Lattice cuff bracelet


Dagger Drop necklace


Bride's pearl bracelet

All right, I talked myself into getting busy again.


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36 responses to “Don’t Worry – Bead Happy

  1. get doin’ girl…it’s beautiful stuff.

  2. Wow! I hope so. Love this stuff. I would love to see some of them for real. I always like bracelets, but they don’t fit on my chubby “little” wrists.

    • I love bracelets, too. I started making my own jewelry (and some to sell, as well) because I have metal allergies and couldn’t really find pieces that I liked that fit or looked right. I taught myself, then eventually taught jewelry making classes.

  3. tsonoda148

    Beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing! My fave? The lattice cuff bracelet. I would purchase such a piece. Just lovely!

    • I will look around, I think it is still here (my sisters raided my stash when they visited). Or one could be made, if you are really serious.

      • I would be serious-even if tsonoda isn’t-if you are… should get on Etsy.

      • I had an etsy shop for several months and sold not one thing. There are probably a million pieces of jewelry on there and most people do not want to pay artisan prices for jewelry when the cheap Chinese crap is so abundant, and affordable. I may try again, not sure.

  4. Nice! I really like the lattice cuff bracelet. It is gorgeous. Let me know if posting your beading gets you out of the doldrums and back into your hobbies. If it works, I may have to do that for my quilting. Beautiful work!!!1

  5. Beautiful creations! I wish I had that talent.

    • Thank you – I think I am going to have to find a beading group here in Florida…we’re a strange breed. Most of us hoard beads – but thank goodness they don’t take up much space!! I may have to blog about the beads I’ve bought all over the country.

  6. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing. UFO’s…so funny.

    • UFO’s – I laughed the first time I heard that terms (at a bead show). Now there’s something I should find that would lift me from the doldrums….a bead show!!! Except I really DO NOT need any more beads. Thanks, as always, for your visit.

  7. Holy smokes, K8, these are lovely! The double spiral bracelet is my favorite. Yes – go get your craft back on, Crafty K8!

  8. Wow, K8, you are really talented. Being a guy, I wouldn’t wear these, but if you ever start making beaded/leather Lakota-style breast plates… I’m going to look over your whole site for more pics of your creations.

    • Hmmmm, I am looking for a new project….but, um, no. there are no breast plates, Lakota-style or otherwise, so no need to look over the whole site. But please feel free to poke around otherwise.

  9. Every single one that went by my eyes on the screen made me gasp louder than the last. You are so talented! This shows you really are a patient soul. They are so beautiful. Get them done and maybe sell them.

    • Thanks, Marie – I really am feeling the pull back into the studio. First I must catch up a few of the things I’ve let slide in my depressed stupor, but I am definitely going to finish up a few things and start a new project or 2.

  10. lisaalinh

    Love the Swarovski crystal cuff bracelet!! Super gorgeous!

  11. You’ve got real talent. I love the twisty bracelet. Crafting something with your hands is wonderful therapy. I am a fabric artist (well at least I was before blogging took up most of my creative waking hours). I’m feeling the pull back to my sewing room…

    • Lorna, it is very therapeutic. My husband has often commented “the world could be falling down around you but when you are beading you wouldn’t even notice.” He is right, it is something that I can completely lose myself in. But I’m with you, since I started blogging I have put my other hobbies (I also sew) on hold. Guess maybe I should set aside some time each day for creativity other than blogging. I appreciate your praise. Now get to the sewing room….

  12. Nice, you should find a studio and group and whatever else you need to keep it up.

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  14. Your Mona Lisa is gorgeous! I made a flame bracelet with this pattern for my sister a few years back and had issues with the clasp. I’d love to see you finish and share your clasp with us. After swearing I’d never use that many beads in one project again I find myself wanting a Mona Lisa for myself!

  15. Thanks for linking me up here. Love your things but they would kill my old eyes….can’t do teensy tiny work anymore. Etsy is a lovely site and fairly inexpensive but I haven”t had any luck on it either so far. I have done better selling at home parties and at a local gift shop. you’re right about people preferring the cheap imported stuff. When we change clothing styles and trends so quickly no one wants to ‘invest’ in a good piece of art jewelry.

  16. Monica

    Interested in selling the Mona Lisa bracelet when you finish the clasp? Would love to buy it.

  17. sherrie allen

    i have the book from 1987 that has the beaded snowflake pattern in it and it’s my favorite one to make. i have made a patriotic one and a purple and gold combo. i like to experiment with it a little bit by substituting different types of beads.

  18. Just saw on a recent post that you are a bead hoarder…er, collector…I am in awe of the beading you do because I could never be so disciplined as to make those intricate designs. I do however, like to make beads. I would love to send you some (free, of course) just to see what you could do with them. If you are interested let me know by email so we can keep addresses private.

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