We Can Never Be the Same



to work

Or to School

Just a Tuesday

They started their days

Unaware of the fate

That lay before them all

Crashes, fires and explosions

Towers turned to rubble and dust

Offices burned, bodies and screams

Many lives lost; Survivors broken, too.




flights as planned.

Travellers all

Not knowing the plans

that would end in horror.

Their destinations unknown

to them, known only to black hearts.

At the moment of impact, did they know

Their legacy would be sad history?



rushed in.


to find and save

the living; locate

the lost. Pushing forward

until all hope was gone.  They could

not save their own. Hearts heavy, brothers

gone forever, but not forgotten

Sacrifice, shattered lives their legacy.




in horror.

Not believing.

Not comprehending.

We can’t watch, can’t turn away.

Loved ones missing, injured, or gone.

Hearts broken, dreams crushed, sorrow hangs

heavy over us, our world is changed.

And we know, we can never be the same.


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22 responses to “We Can Never Be the Same

  1. A heart-felt tribute. Very well done.

  2. The best tribute I’ve read, K8. I mean it.

  3. Your written words are the most beautiful of all tributes I’ve read or seen today. I am weeping.

  4. A very nice tribute to their memories.

  5. Beautiful, heartfelt, touching, elegant, and made even more so by the layout resembling the perfect symbol of life – trees. my 9/11 tribute is on my blogroll..my MusicFilm “How Do Ya”. Glad ur at it. continue…

  6. I could barely bring myself to comment today with all the emotions I am feeling, but I had to tell you thank you for sharing this poem. I shared it with several people today and they all appreciated your words.

  7. tsonoda148

    This was beautiful. I’m in tears. Thanks for sharing.

  8. just realized…not trees – the shape is tears…even more sad for the beauty.

    • Tears – the shape does resemble tears. The form is called etheree, 10 lines of prose, 1 syllable added to each line. So the shape is determined by the form. It is an interesting way to compose – sometimes I just need a guideline to get me started – and who can’t come up with 1 syllable?

  9. winsomebella


  10. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Beautifully written 🙂

  11. K8 — truly emotional. I didn’t know what an etheree was and now that I do, your composition is ever more touching. So now you have not only touched my heart, but my brain too. Thank you for sharing!

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