Stage Fright on Open Mike Night

Tonight the writer’s group I belong to, Peace River Center for Writers, is hosting open mike night at Fishermens’ Village, a local waterfront venue featuring shops, restaurants, and a center stage.  Writers of all genres will work up the nerve to read or recite their written passages.  Some even will sing.  It’s a little eclectic, but usually fun.

I have decided that I will print off a couple of my favorite posts and a couple of other items I’ve penned and take the stage.  I am acting as the event’s emcee next month, so I need a little practice on the stage.  I also need to move beyond having just my blogging buddies read my stuff.

There will likely not be many people at the event as most of the of the winter populace has not graced our area with their seasonal presence.  So why am I so nervous?

I guess there is the possibility that someone will boo.  Or throw tomatoes, or some other show of displeasure.  I may have hecklers.  I might throw up.  It is a little out of my comfort zone – but I think I need to do just that.  I’m ready to move from being a closet writer to acting like a writer.

Or I might just shine.  I sure hope so.  Sweet Cheeks will be there so I know I will have at least one person applauding each reading.

So if you happen to be in the area and fresh out of tomatoes – come on by for Open Mike Night featuring yours truly.  Film at 11:00.



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30 responses to “Stage Fright on Open Mike Night

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

    Break a Leg and believe in yourself. Before you go on stage, take a few deep breaths and walk around a little bit. Do not drink coffee or anything caffeinated! Remember that most people in the audience want you to succeed. If it helps, pick a smiling face and focus on that person, or just look over their heads. If I could be there I would, but I’m sending positive vibes your way.

  2. You don’t need it but here goes… “Good luck, K8!”
    I’m sorry I’m not in your area, otherwise I’d do my best to hear you. Let us know what you decided to read. I’m excited for you! Go K8! Go K8! Go K8!

  3. Throwing kisses and cheers your way 🙂

  4. I believe you will shine……and enjoy too!

  5. I would come if I could. Though I can’t be there physically, I’m applauding you from afar for doing this thang. Moving outside the comfort zone is–by definition!–uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful, but the further out that boundary’s pushed, the greater the overall comfort in the end. As you indicate! 🙂

    • Oh, I’m sure I’ll be fine – it helps just knowing you all will be with me in spirit. Some of the readings/readers are pretty funny, some are great. Some need work, but I always admire their dedication to their craft and their ability to get up there.

  6. g’won…get up there…it’s exhilarating..u’ll love it…the beginning of a monster. as we say in “the biz” break a leg.

    • HaHa…if you only knew how often I have fallen and broken something!!! I know it’s just a saying, but I am more apt to fall and break something than I am to get up to the mike and fall flat on my face, so to speak!! Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Get out the dark glasses…..cuz you are going to shine so bright that it will be blinding!!!!
    Go for it!

  8. I envy you. How I love an audience. I am most afraid of that awful polite silence. Break a leg.

  9. Well, I survived. I read 4 pieces.
    Migraine – an etheree
    “The Real Housewives of Charlotte County”
    We Can Never Be the Same
    and “Where I am From”
    My husband says I was a hit. The 2 professors from the college were very impressed. One woman told me she cried. I am glad it is over.

  10. See? Told ya you’d do great.


    Especially on not throwing up.

  11. Not throwing up is big! Congrats on a big move. Wish we had something like that here.

  12. You will be great! Anyone whose opinion you would value, would not throw tomatoes (at the least they should eat them). The courage to speak in public, and share your thoughts or stories, is indeed something we all can do once we believe in ourselves. So believe in yourself; I and others sure do! Be sure to let us know how it goes (unless you are too busy granting interviews, photo shots, and meeting with your new manager).

  13. Great choices! Congratulations. I know you were a hit. So happy for you that “Mike” was good to you; through your writer’s mike you have an amazing voice.

  14. How brave of you! I’m too scared to let others read what I write while I’m in the same room. How did it go?

  15. I wish I could have been there to support you. This is pretty fantastic!

  16. yeesh…I missed it… you would have recognized me though…I would have been the one clapping the loudest and whistling…. then again, I would have been distributing tomatoes out the back door since I heard they only had a day or two max left on them at the supermarket….(I can’t pass up a good deal)…

    I hope it went swell love!


  17. oh girly, no worries, I’m reading all of your words… you’ve sucked me in and now, I’ve got more than a few of your posts to read… hey there’s a novel idea….you should do the same with me… hmm… wink..wink..


  18. Funny … funny … funny …!!!
    I have spoken publicly at the art shows because I am the judge awarding the ribbons at the end of their first day of exhibiting. I was fearful the non-winners would throw tomatoes at me but they were kind.
    My fear is more about my work. The thought that no one would find it to have enough merit to pay attention could be a little disheartening.
    But … like you, I must get past that in order to, finally, accept that what I write might be worth reading.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Hope I can rearrange my schedule.

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