Moon and Sun in Perfect Alignment


This week I have had the supreme pleasure of seeing the beautiful harvest moon each morning while waterjogging at the local pool at an ungodly hour.  Before my 30 minutes of laps are up, I am then treated to a sunrise.  I thought about this several times today – the sun and moon are in perfect alignment for that to occur.  By tonight the moon is no longer full, and the sunset will take place a few minutes later – and the opportunity to enjoy that particular set of beautiful scenes will be past.

I am reminded of another time when the sun and moon were in perfect alignment.   They had to have been.  A Sunday, 32 years ago today, when I was married to a wonderful man who was (is) my very best friend.  We were married by a judge in a civil ceremony, in the presence of 2 witnesses and 2 German Shepherds.  No family present – no reception, no hoopla.  I had been married before and did not want to repeat that stress-filled experience.

We had a low-key honeymoon in Northern Michigan, punctuated by car trouble and a terrible migraine.  Omens?  He watched Monday night football and I read a book.  A sign of things to come?  Not a terribly exciting beginning, but one filled with love, tenderness, and hope.  Sweet Cheeks chartered a private plane and we flew over Grand Traverse Bay – in the fall, a very beautiful place.  After a few days we returned home – but not to live together.  The home we purchased was not ready to occupy, and I did not want to move my kindergartener twice, so our first 6 weeks of marriage were spent living apart.  Not typical, but not awful.

Over the years there have been peaks and valleys, struggles and triumphs.  At one time or another each of us has considered throwing in the towel, but fortunately, never both at the same time.  We fought, made up, laughed, and cried, never losing sight of our love and commitment, although sometimes the focus has had to be readjusted.

So today, I want to thank my wonderful husband for 32 years of  sweet togetherness.  Thirty-two years of laughter, support, truthfulness, and friendship.  He is my staunchest defender, best cheerleader, and a perfect straight man for my warped sense of humor.  He endures my snarkiness with characteristic good grace, and tactfully tells me when I step over the line (which is more often than I care to admit).  He has loved me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively), highs and lows, and every spot in between.

I am truly blessed.  I do not know how many more years togther we will have, but I can tell you that it will not be nearly enough.

Happy Anniversary, Sweet Cheeks.


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29 responses to “Moon and Sun in Perfect Alignment

  1. That was beautiful. Happy anniversary to you both!

  2. What a beautiful alignment! Best wishes for many more.

  3. Congratulations for continuing through the peaks and the valleys. Here’s to many more years together with continued alignment.

  4. Lovely. Best wishes for many more happy years.

  5. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Beautiful, and eerily in line with my thoughts as I drove to work this morning! Happy anniversary.

    • Thanks. It did seem rather strange to enjoy both the full moon earlier this week and the beautiful sunrise within a half hour of each other. Beauty there just for the taking.

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Happy Anniversary! 32 years in this day and age is truly awesome! Many more happy years together to you both 🙂

    • Thanks. When we were married 20 years, my husband bought me an “anniversary band” with 10 diamonds. I asked him if there was one for each good year we had. I’m lucky he puts up with that kind of stuff. The 32 years has really flown by.

  7. How perfect. Congratulations on 32 years of knowing what it means to love someone. May all the stars and suns and moons align for the rest of your lives together!

    • I think it would be great to have everything aligned for the rest of our lives, but I’m pretty realistic – we are entering the stage of our lives when we will face loss of friends, siblings, and are more likely to have serious health issues. But I know we can face it all, together.

  8. How wonderful you’re so happy with the same man for so many years. Happy anniversary.

  9. I’m smiling inside and out for both of you. The image of sun and moon perfectly aligned is glorious.

  10. tsonoda148

    Congratulations to you and Sweet Cheeks for 32 years together! A wonderful accomplishment indeed. And this post was a beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing.

  11. That was a very eloquent tribute. It leaves me feeling a little inadequate in both the blogging and marital departments! Tomorrow is our 30th anniversary. What will I say about it? (I don’t know!)

    • Happy Anniversary – I actually wrote this post because I forgot to get a card for Sweet Cheeks. He let me know that I can’t ever buy a card again – he likes the written word better.

  12. WAHOO — 32 years! So what anniversary is that? I couldn’t really find any symbols, so thinking you and Sweet Cheeks should come up with your own (as if you haven’t already done that). Once again, I find something that we have in common. After I got married, I lived across the country from my husband for about 7 weeks while moving arrangements were made. Anyway, happy anniversary!!!

  13. That is truly beautiful, and a heartening post to read! Congratulations!

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