Exploding Watermelon, Dead DVR, Juggling and a rant

Every week I visit the flea market near my home to seek out my favorite produce vendor.  I usually take the dog with me, and we peruse the peppers, cucumbers and onions offered up for sale.  I almost always buy a small, seedless watermelon.

Yesterday I attempted to cut into my melon and I had barely punctured the rind when it exploded.  Yes, exploded.

Exploding Watermelon China

Now, when Gallagher smacks a melon on the stage and it explodes, I think it is kind of funny.  After all, those people in the front rows know it’s coming and can prepare themselves.  I had no idea of the exploding nastiness that was about to occur in my already not-so-tidy kitchen.  It was appalling.

So, I did what every self-respecting techno-citizen would do, I went to Google to see about the phenomena of exploding watermelons.  According to this Huffington Post (they’re always right, aren’t they?) seems the Chinese had an issue in May with exploding watermelons in their fields due to overuse of growth accelerant.  What?  Watermelons on steroids?  From China?

Now, then.  What were my favorite vendors – a very nice Hispanic family with a large produce stand doing with exploding melons?  I don’t like to think that they have imported my weekly melons from China, but melon season here in Florida is past (and it was heavenly!!) and those melons had to have come from somewhere else.  Sigh.  Just goes to show you, even when you try to eat healthy, you cannot always control what is going into your food/mouth.  Double sigh.  I think I have scraped all the flying particles from all the surfaces and the kitchen has returned to its usual state, somewhere between spotless and about-to-be-condemned-by-the-health-department.

Last week our DVR bit the dust.  That in itself wasn’t surprising, it had been acting up a bit – turning on and off by itself, freezing up, etc. etc.  What was disheartening was that it had about 30 of the “50 Documentaries to See Before You Die” recorded and they could not be resurrected.  Now, if I want to continue that project, I will have to find those documentaries again, record them again, and then try to find time to actually watch them.

Which brings me to Juggling.  I am starting to feel like a crazed juggler.  I am working 2 part-time jobs, trying to write, trying to keep my household running, finding time to exercise, and lifting myself from the slump I’ve been in.  I want to re-establish my jewelry business, and I want/need to sew.  I’d also like to learn to juggle, in my spare time.

If you have about 4 1/2 minutes, please watch this amazing juggler.  It will mesmerize you.  And it is accompanied by a great Beatles song.  Really, worth the time spent.

Which then brings me to my rant.  Yesterday, I. Went. Off. on a commenter.  I wasn’t going to.  I sat on my vitriolic comments for several hours, composed a nice thank you blah, blah, blah reply – then posted them both.  I considered posting the sweet reply and moving on.  But then, I told myself that when I started the blog, that it would reflect the real me.  And the real me goes off sometimes.  I try to keep it reasonably clean and not hurtful.  Anyone who doesn’t care for my writing or comments is free to avoid my little corner of the blogosphere.

So to my regular subscribers (both of you) I hope that you were not offended by my crazed response to The T.  But I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.

Have a nice day.



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17 responses to “Exploding Watermelon, Dead DVR, Juggling and a rant

  1. Terrific post & juggler. No histrionics, just talent. From both of you.

    • Thanks, I so enjoyed the juggler, and seriously, if I thought I was coordinated enough to even try it, I would take a lesson or two. As it is, I can barely manage to get a coffee cup to my mouth without incident.

  2. Love this post for the giggles… and important lesson on the dangers of exploding fruit!

  3. Watermelons explode? Without dynamite? I had no idea.

    I just read your response from your last post. Love it!

  4. I learn so much from your posts–about you, the dangers of fruit, and how I could be a better time manager. You have such a busy life and I’m retired. I still manage to do barely anything but blog. I think I need help…

    As for the rant, I bet Mr.T can take it…

  5. Margie

    The juggler – doing more with less. Very inspiring!

  6. I never knew they exploded. I do know you could juggle, and there are lots of places to learn

    • Yes, they can explode. And it ain’t pretty. The chemicals are outlawed in the US except for use on kiwi and grapes (scary thought) but I couldn’t find any information about produce grown using those chemicals being imported.

  7. i yam what i yam…just like Popeye. have seen the juggler before – imagine all the untold hours of dedicated practice..as for the “exploding melon”… will you be getting back on that any time bicycle soon? continue

  8. I thought watermelons only exploded on the 4th of July because of the dangers of fireworks. I wonder if the fertilizer people know their fruit is combustible. And now I’m confused… do you really want to learn how to juggle?

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