Arches National Park – WARNING – Vacation Photos

It has been a while since I’ve shared photos of my trip out west with my husband (and best driver in the world).  I was on a 6-month hiatus from driving, plus I had a leg injury.  Most of the travel time was spent icing my injured (and very bruised and swollen) leg.  Hubby drove all 5,000 miles and didn’t once leave me at a tourist spot (although I am sure he was tempted on many occasions).  But then, who would have told him how to drive?

Enjoy Arches National Park.

Just inside the entrance.  And another gorgeous sky.

Not even to the good stuff yet.

Balanced Rock

Now some Arches carved by wind and rain.

We sat under this arch – there was a beautiful breeze that felt almost like air conditioning.  My poor leg was screaming by this point, but we kept on…

I thought this rock looked like a Sharpei

Near the end of our excursion

And the shifted earth outside the park…


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14 responses to “Arches National Park – WARNING – Vacation Photos

    • I was in awe at the magnificent beauty of our earth on that trip. I may forget every other thing I have ever known in this lifetime, but I will never forget that trip.

  1. Wow, those arches are amazing. Husband here prefers to do all of the driving. He can’t relax if someone else (namely me!) is driving. Luckily, I am usually able to read as I ride along. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

    • Oh, I can’t read in the car, but I often do some beadwork on a lap desk. I’ll even take my laptop and use a converter for power. I am pretty spoiled – he does most of the driving but doesn’t mind my driving (at least he’s never said so) and appreciates a break from time to time.

  2. Saw your warning and clicked immediately remembering your Rushmore pics….love, love vacation photos. Yep…post pictures of our gorgeous Southwest and I’m there. Thank you for uploading and sharing.

    • I love vacation photos, too. But I thought I’d stick a warning on there for those who wanted to pass. Our country has some truly beautiful spots – and our National Parks are real treasures.

  3. Fascinating geology. What did you do to your leg, and how is it now?

    • I fell a few days before the trip – started at home, on our back deck. My knee gave out while I was standing on the upper level and I scraped the leg on the step on my way down. (I missed hitting my face on the deck post by mere inches) The leg swelled hideously and I had to start wrapping it every day with ace bandages to control the swelling. I am very surprised I didn’t end up with a blood clot from it. It was bruised from knee to ankle, and I’m pretty sure I broke at least one blood vessel as the blood pooled under my skin around the foot and ankle. It was truly awful to look at.

  4. I’ve been wanting to see this gorgeous part of our country. You made this wish a plan.

  5. i like the drollery of “WARNING” also.

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