What’s Blooming in the Yard?

Just checking out the yard with my camera – thought you might like to see what is blooming (and lurking) this week at Casa k8edid

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What’s happening in your yard?



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22 responses to “What’s Blooming in the Yard?

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

    Lovely. The rose is absolutely gorgeous! And your dog has a sweet face that says “you must love me.” If the sun comes out, maybe I’ll wander around and explore my yard. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • She does have a sweet face, when she wants to – she also can look pretty vicious, but I think it is just that breed. She is quite loving, unless you happen to be a cat, squirrel or bunny. I’d love to see your yard pics.

  2. So pretty! I will have to live vicariously thru your garedn talents- my yard looks like the neglect fairy settled in.

    • Actually, that is just stuff that is too tough to die…it has been too hot here to go out and play in the dirt. I have a lot of work to do on the yard – with the tropical rains I should be able to make it look lush – now it just looks like the gardener is a lush…

  3. I am drawn to the furry thing lurking …. sweet face.

    So many flowers are blooming in your garden. Lovely. We have weeds, weeds and more weeds. Speaking of weeds, I’m overdue on mowing those weeds.

    • Yes, she is furry…and the prettiest thing in the yard. My house husband takes care of all that lawn/weed mowing – I just go out and putter and enjoy the colorful parts.

  4. Your blooms are be-you-ti-ful! Here in Colorado, flowers seem to be at their showy best just before we get a killing frost. Much like the aspens with their golden finale.

    • Yes, our rainy season is just about done – so now I’ll have to really work at keeping things half-alive (that’s usually about as good as it gets with me!!). I love the aspens – so vibrant.

  5. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Very nice! Unfortunately, here in drought stricken Texas, my yard has been dormant and brown for about two months. No color whatsoever.

  6. Where I live, a few plants are hanging on, but most are getting ready to sleep for winter. I had one surprise–a single red rose! Love is blooming all around me!

  7. .Kate, the flowers r nice 2…but i’ a sucker for animals. continue…

  8. And where is your yard again? Here, we’ve had a frost, the only thing with much color now are trees. But they have LOTS of color this year.

    • I’m in southwest Florida. I would love to see some fall color – I miss the seasons (except for that really cold one that starts with a W). I miss apple orchards, hay rides, apple cider, pumpkins, blazing maple trees, and raking leaves.

  9. Wonderful pictures!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. We like to think so. So does she…

  11. Lovely slide show! Thank you for sharing.
    The drought/heat claimed one of our azalea bushes that has bloomed in our yard since we have lived here :(. I’m afraid I’m in mourning for that one azalea bush. But your slide show inspires me to plant something in its place.

    • We are still replacing things that Hurricane Charley ripped out several years ago. I have my eye on a gorgeous bouganvillia that I hope to go pick up today.

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