From my Facebook friends and family

I don’t use Facebook much any more, I’m lucky if I can maintain my blog and keep up with e-mails. But I do still check it each day, and try to keep up with what is going on with my friends and family. These are some of the entertaining posts they have “shared”.  I don’t know how anybody is doing, what the latest news is back home, whether my grandchildren are thriving, or if my friends even miss me, but I have learned these things:





The carrot is by far my favorite.  Anything good on your Facebook page?



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23 responses to “From my Facebook friends and family

  1. I love the mushroom one, very funny.

  2. I shared the Columbus Day card on my own Facebook site… which like yours, has become neglected except for my blog posts.

  3. Facebook has been a-bone of contention for me for some time. It is why I started a blog. I never had any news from anyone but I was posting my heart out. So … I decided I wouldn’t watse my time with it and haven’t for 5 months. NEWS FLASH … nobody has asked me why I’m not on there. I’m not looking for pity just feel the same way …!!!
    I like the vegie pix – I ‘ve always thought of vegetables as fun chracters. It must be the artist in me.

    • Who knew veggies were so much fun? I do enjoy the pictures my kids put on Facebook of my grandchildren, and I use to keep them posted on what is going on in my life. Just sort of drifted away from it, I guess.

  4. Unplugged the computer and threw away the wine? That would do it for me every time.

  5. The religion/penis one was the best one on my page in recent days. 🙂

  6. I wish I had fb friends like yours. Love the religion/penis one.

  7. You are SO good to check your blog everyday! I do once a week, or two, and never did Facebook. I heard people complain that they were now getting updates about those they weren’t close to, and that they were already close to those that they wanted to be.
    (I love the carrot)

  8. Funny, funny pictures. I, too, love the carrots. Veggies get caught in the most compromising of positions!

    • Yes, they do. I’m always glad to know that my family and friends have hours to search the interwebs for fascinating dirty pictures of vegetables but don’t e-mail me to let me know if they’re alive.

  9. I only used Facebook for a few months and I only check it once a month now. It seems everyone I know only uses it on rare occasions and it makes me wonder what percentage of the huge numbers of users Facebook touts actually use the service regularly.

    • I guess they are good for revolutions, protests and changing the world, if the news is to be believed (and it isn’t, in my opinion). In the beginning, when I moved away from family and friends, it was a convenient way to keep each other posted – not so much now.

  10. I have two Facebooks–one for my personal stuff and one for my blog. That is at least one too many. I might have to merge them. My favorite is the religion/penis one.

  11. Someone shared this one on FB the other day, and it made me smile:

    Other than that, things are pretty quiet in FB Land.

  12. “Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg.”—That’s my favorite.

    Reminds me of “Happiness is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.”

  13. I’m digging the carrots out of my garden right now. I’ll have to look at them more carefully!

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