Recipe for a Perfect Day

1.  Wake up before the alarm.  Rested.

Shelby the Wonder Shepherd

2.  Get kiss from dog and husband.  Do not comment on breath of either.


Image by dvs via Flickr3.

3. Enjoy full moon for a few minutes before leaving house.

Charlotte County - South County Park Pool

4.  Get to pool on time.  Get exercise out of the way.   The pool looks like this, but is dark at 6:30 so my pictures didn’t show up.

leaving the community pool

5.  Watch sun come up.  It was so beautiful this morning that it took my breath away.

Police officer using a hand-held LIDAR speed gun

Image via Wikipedia

6.  Avoid multiple speed traps on 45 min commute, arriving exactly on time while listening to Book on CD that did not skip, melt, or otherwise disintegrate at the “good part”.

7.  Enjoy a day at work free from whining, drama, politics, backstabbing.  Receive encouraging remarks from co-workers, supervisor, and students.  Listen to great music all afternoon while cleaning up stacks of work in office – uninterrupted!

Double-texting taxi driver

Image by GerryGaffney via Flickr

8.  Return home, avoiding all police vehicles, cell phone yakkers and texters, and others DWHUA (Driving with Heads Up Asses).


Courtesty Fox Sports




9.  Enjoy dinner with hubby while watching baseball team win!!




10.  Read posts from wonderful blog buddies, acknowledging my feelings of inadequacy in the presence of their brilliance.

11.  Get kiss from dog and husband.

12.  Fall peacefully asleep.



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28 responses to “Recipe for a Perfect Day

  1. Perfect day, although you forgot the eating chocolate part.

  2. Phew, I´m not the only one that places Fido and hubby in that order (sometimes)

  3. I’ll have what you’re having, please.
    Good for you for acknowledging, appreciating and enjoying your perfect day. Here’s to more of those!!

    • Yesterday morning more than brought me back to reality. Woke to no cable, no internet, forgot to get the coffee and my lunch ready the night before…my slacks needed ironing (yuck) and work wasn’t quite as wonderful. But I enjoyed the heck out of Thursday.

  4. Sounds really nice. I’m hoping I come close some day.

  5. Wonderful! But I have to agree with msmouse. Where’s the chocolate??!!

  6. Sounds like heaven to me! I’m with Lenore, I’ll have what you’re having, please.

  7. a sublime day…and wittily described as well. continue…

  8. Are you sure about the order of the kisses in # 11?

    Sounds like a great day. But I also doubt the feelings of inadequacy. You’re awfully good at what you do!

  9. Even reading about this day made my own feel a little more perfect! 🙂

  10. I would be worried about the order of kissing if i was your husband 🙂

  11. Sounds like a pretty fine day. I always feel better if I wake up a minute or two before the alarm goes off. It’s more like I’m ready to get up rather than wanting to get more sleep. I pretty sunrise never hurts either.

    Tossing It Out

    • The sunrise may have been my favorite part, although the water exercise was pretty great, too. Oh, I can’t decide a favorite part, it was, as they say, all good.

  12. —What a lovely Day :))

    10. Read posts from wonderful blog buddies, acknowledging my feelings of inadequacy in the presence of their brilliance. (Funny)

  13. dvs

    Hello k8edid, what a great description of a great day. I found your blog from hits my “Moon” photo is getting on Flickr. Thanks for using it, and thanks for the link!

  14. Lovely. But there realy ought to be a jar of Nutella and a magic spell that guarantees no weight gain, tummyache, or judgemental looks when I eat the entire thing in one sitting. I need help. I know this.

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