Friday Facebook Family and Friends

Once again, my family and friends have entertained via social media:



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10 responses to “Friday Facebook Family and Friends

  1. It would be really hard to pick which one is my favourite… I wish my family and friends posted interesting things like these!

  2. LOVE the verizon check. I did send one credit card co. 50 cents in quarters, but making them do the math is even better.

  3. these r quite funny…LOVE # 2. CONTINUE…

  4. tsonoda148

    Ok, got my chuckles…..just what I was needing. Thanks! Also? Loved the “Before you…” poem.

  5. Thanks for the chuckles!!! Wonder if Verizon could cash that check.

    • I’m sure they would. I knew a guy that wrote the IRS a “check” made out on an old t-shirt. They sent it back and demanded a real check. Guess the symbolism was lost on them.

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