When I Write

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When I Write

Sometimes I’m filled with joy

And want to record the fullness of my heart

Can you hear it? my soaring spirit.

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with sorrow

And want to sort the emotions washing over me

Examine and inspect, embrace or reject

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m feeling silly

And want to laugh at the world

Poke fun at myself and everyone else

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with wonder

At the beauty of the universe

Moon and sun, a life just begun

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with anger

At pettiness, abuse, greed and hate

Innocents who cannot speak; too small, too weak

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with awe

At the wonder of the human spirit

Able to overcome and endure, determination so pure

That is when I write.


Sometimes I am filled with gratitude

For the blessings in my life

Peace, comfort, joy, love – forgiveness from above.

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with all these emotions

In the course of a single day

Words come forth, for what they’re worth

And that is WHY I write.



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20 responses to “When I Write

  1. Lisa Wields Words

    What a wonderful depiction of what it means to write and why. That IS why I write.


    • I never imagined that writing would become such a part of my life. This was written on my lunch break today, so I guess I write whenever I get a few minutes. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You’ve got it right (write): emotions are the driving force behind the meaningful words we write. Nice poem. Nice post.

  3. Beautifully said, writer soul, love teh way you write. Also love the image you chose, I recently chose it for another piece of mine. Isn’t it beautiful… and your words just align so perfectly with it… was like a mini vacation and a reminder why I write: “because I cannot stop.” Thank you 🙂

  4. A most excellent expression of what many of us who like to write have felt—you captured it perfectly!

  5. let’s face it, you’re a writer girl. a lovely piece about a lovely gift. continue…

  6. tsonoda148

    One of my favorite posts on any blog ever. I will be printing this out and hanging it on my wall next to my PC. It captures all my feelings. How did you ever manage that? Awesome. And lovely, Katy, just lovely!

  7. This is so simple and so Awesome!! Like Bella said…. You captured it perfectly! 🙂

    • Thanks, Mark. Sometimes less is more, I think. I didn’t really have time to mess it up, I guess…

      I read this at the Writer’s Group Open Mike night last night – it was well received. We had a really good time – I encourage everyone to try to find a group – just like this community the support is incredible.

  8. Pingback: The Reasons We Write « Woman Wielding Words

  9. Bravo! I hope you will read this on stage – in front of your writer’s group, K8. I applaud this post, K8. This is wonderful – wonderfully incredible. Well done!

  10. Love this. This is why we read [your blog].

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