The Upside of Feeling Down

Golden Katydid Jewelry

As a member of his vast harem, I am doing a guest post over at The Idiot Speaketh’s blog.  If you don’t know the Idiot, you should remedy that situation right away.  I believe roughly 99.7% of the Idiot’s followers are female.  I don’t know whether we are harem-ites, Idi-ettes, or just Lucky Ladies…

You should also click on this blog a couple times a day because I’m due to win his contest if he reaches 2 million hits on my birthday, January 27.  That’s TWO MILLION VIEWS, people.

But never mind that – MY BIRTHDAY, people…what better present than to be worshipped by The Idiot?  My point exactly!!!

Anyway, get on over there and read my post about “The Upside of Feeling Down”.  If you are feeling down this holiday season, I hope that it will make you smile, and please know that you are not alone…



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12 responses to “The Upside of Feeling Down

  1. Lisa Wields Words

    Now I feel guilty for wanting to steal your thunder, because my date isn’t my birthday. Great post at the Idiot’s blog.

  2. I always do what I can for you. I’m off to check out the Idiot (words I don’t say very often…)!

  3. Happy Birthday! Off to check out the Idiot. I’m excited.

    • The birthday is in January, which is when I’ll win the contest and the Idiot will have to worship me….my dreams of world domination are coming to fruition!!! One idiot (Idiot) at a time!!!

  4. Great post on the Idiot… except it makes me a little concerned for you… or me… you may have talked me into the ups of down. Hmmm. But seriously – made me laugh!

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  6. Great post. And everyone should please keep clicking over to read it, as my date is January 17th….my son’s birthday…..sorry K8tedid.

    • If my internet keeps going out – I won’t be able to even click on my own pages, let alone someone else’s. Good luck in the contest – would be a good present for your son to have him mom being worshipped like that.

  7. I often read you through good old Mark..but now have had the good sense to subscribe!

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