Not Feeling the Whole Christmas Thing

I now live in Florida, having moved 14 months ago from the frozen north.  It is warm here (although people who have been here longer tell me it is cool.  I am still wearing open-toed shoes and shorts, and battle perpetual hot flashes, so perhaps I am not the best judge).  It is hard for me to get into the holiday spirit when I am out pruning bushes, trying to staunch the flow of multi-legged creatures determined to share my living space, and applying sunscreen.

In addition to Salvation Army bell ringers in khaki shorts and flip-flops, Santas in Parrot Head t-shirts, and LCD lighting on palm trees, these pictures from around my yard are among the reasons I am having trouble getting into Christmas.

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46 responses to “Not Feeling the Whole Christmas Thing

  1. Christmas is a feeling. In your case, it’s a warm feeling. I’m Mister Green Christmas, so I’d love to have no snow and shorts.

  2. Lisa Wields Words

    My first Christmas in Hawaii was a strange experience for a girl from the Northeast. My housemates and I decided to have a holiday gathering, and collected flowers and plants from outside to decorate, staying with only reds and greens. It turned out lovely. Now, every couple of years, we spend Christmas there with his family, and this year I kind of wish it. While I still giggle at Surfer Santa giving a shaka wave, there’s some delight in twinkle lights with an ocean breeze.

  3. The beauty that surrounds you, K8, tells me you have the beauty of Christmas year ’round. The folks in Australia think FL looks pretty normal at Christmas time. 🙂
    Love your green thumb – good work!

    • I would love to take credit for having a green thumb but mostly these things just refuse to die and my husband occasionally feels bad for them and waters them.

  4. The snow is due to fall over here this week 🙂 merry xmas in the heat.

  5. Your green Grinchy thumb is definitely at work. “What if Christmas, … doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” The double hibiscus is gorgeous. No, they are not poinsettias but your blooms are beautiful.
    Back in my college years, I actually left FL to go to school in MI. My MI friends thought I had it all backwards. I did love my years in MI.

    • Michigan State, right? We lived just a few miles from campus and my degrees are from there. I really don’t care for snow and cold, but apparently my brain needs them to get into the spirit. I’ll be heading north at the end of the semester and will probably be wishing for my neglected plants and sunscreen…

  6. Great pics! I can see how it would be hard to get in the Christmas Spirit where you live. I always though Xmas decorations in Hawaii looked kinda strange. I really miss having snow at Christmas, can’t say we get much of that here in Texas. At least we usually get chilly, unlike Florida.

    • I am enjoying the blooms in the yard, but part of me wishes there could be a little snow. I hate the cold, but the snow is pretty to look at (from inside by a roaring fireplace – with a hot toddy).

  7. I think that the perfect situation would be to be in the North just long enough to get past Christmas and New Years, then head south for the rest of the winter. Sounds like you are doing things perfectly. Can I come back down with you after the holidays? 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    When I lived in South Texas I felt the same way…walk in a store and Christmas music rang out making me feel all jolly but the minute I stepped outside to palm trees it just wasn’t the same.

    • I think it will probably get easier. Since I’m not going to be here over Christmas I am not putting up my tree (my husband will be staying here but he could not care less). I had some Christmas music going and that helped. Yep, palm trees aren’t quite like a good douglas fir.

  9. Flowers all year round are just fine with me! The multi-legged critters, however, need to take a permanent vacay. Love your beautiful photos. I can see why Christmas spirit is slow to arrive. Soon, however, you will redefine. It took me a couple years after I moved to Vegas, but it happened. Now I get all Christmas..fied, Vegas style. It’s kinda scary actually. LOL
    Have a super Sunday Katy!

  10. If I had flowers like those to gaze at, I might never get anything done inside the house 🙂 So lovely, Katy. I hope your multi-legged creatures feel the whole Christmas thing and go away to celebrate and never never come back!

    • Well, I don’t get much done indoors – whether anything is blooming or not!! But the chores always wait for me. We have most of the multi-legged creatures under control but the ants keep trying my patience. I’m thinking we need a flame thrower…

  11. Even after some 40 years I still find Christmas in the summer somewhat disturbing. The trees without snow look bare although of course they are full of blossom.

  12. Deborah the Closet Monster

    There’s been a cool breeze rolling through here the last few days, which helps me remember what season it is. The Christmas light have the same effect, although I often look around me and find the Oregonian in me thinking, “How the heck is this possibly December?” :p

  13. Its snowing in Belfast a litttle at the moment, thats the start of the winter 😦

  14. I totally agree! It’s hard to get into the spirit without a chill in the air (or I can imagine it would be; I haven’t yet spent a Christmas outside of Jersey). Although come January…I would kill to be in those open-toed shoes!

  15. Steve

    Precisely why I could never move further south than I am now. There hasn’t been a white Christmas in something like 40 years. Grew up in Michigan and my ultimate goal is to return to the frozen tundra in a few years. I miss winter.
    I did spend two years in Guam. We closed the shades and turned the AC to its coldest setting to make it feel like Christmas.

    • I grew up in Michigan and I think that is why I miss the cold and snow (figuratively) that I associate with the holiday season. I hope you get to move back north when the time is right.

  16. winsomebella

    I think I would have a hard time adapting to a warm weather Christmas too. I wish I could send some mountain snow your way……

  17. I hear you. I need a change of seasons–a real one and not a pretend one like in the deep south. Although our weather up north has been oddly mild. I wonder when winter will arrive. I have what look like tulip fronds poking out of the ground. Poor things are as confused as I am! No Holiday Spirit here either, Katy!

    • Well, at least you have a chance of a white Christmas…The spirit will move me – and when I see my grandchildren in a couple of weeks – their excitement will be contagious.

  18. Your garden is lovely! But I’m with you – I’d have a hard time ho-ho-ing without cold and snow.

  19. jacquelincangro

    Having lived in South Florida for many years, I can remember wearing shorts on Christmas day and turning on the a/c, which always felt odd.
    But you’ll have the last laugh in February when we’re all digging out of 2 feet of snow. 🙂

  20. Gosh, this is exactly how I felt last year when we were living in Haiti and the year before that in Vietnam.

    By the way, looking at your comments, I notice we really do have a lot of readers in common. Gonna subscribe, for sure.

    Thanks for visiting today!


  21. I remember my first Xmas in Miami and it was just not right being 70-80 degrees outside. The one thing that helped was the presence of Christmas Cactus plants as they always bloom in the northwest in December. Of course, the were ginormous plants in Miami and outside. But every little reminder helps. Your photos are beautiful!!

  22. Yup… Christmas without cold doesn’t seem like Christmas to me, either. My parents are in the process of moving back north from Jacksonville; I spent several Thanksgivings there and didn’t like how warm it was. (This sounds insane to a lot of people, I know, but I love the crisp cool of fall and they didn’t get it.) I don’t blame you for struggling!

  23. I’m headed to FL in a few days for work. It’s weird to think of being some place warm in December.

  24. kba

    Personally I have to admit that living in Norway is fabulous at this time of year, for the very reasons you identify, but the flipside is that we moan like that hot place beneath us all when it`s still cold and rainy in the summer – but for now what about a bucket of eggnog, a sparkly reindeer light fixture and some soppy Xmas films to get you in the mood?

  25. I moved down to Florida from New York 22 years ago. I never thought I would enjoy Christmas without the cold weather and the snow. Now, I can’t imagine enjoying Christmas with cold weather and snow. Who knew …???

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