All I Want for Christmas….zzzzzzzzzzzz

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

Is to keep what I’ve already got

Believe me that is something

For I really have a lot.


The man I wake up next to

Would be good to keep around

Not just because he loves but

Because our hearts are bound.


Healthy kids and grandkids

Their loving hugs and kisses

I must have these – I would insist

Even if it wasn’t Christmas.


My sisters I must keep as well

For they’ve seen me through a lot.

Neices, nephews, cousins, too.

All the relatives that I’ve got.


I’d like to keep my job, of course

And my home, I want to keep.

My precious dog, all my plants

And my eleven year old Jeep.


The remainder of my eyesight and

Brain cells I haven’t killed

If I could keep both of those

I truly would be thrilled.


Cash enough to pay the bills and

Put food upon the table

The lights, the gas, the internet

And Oh, we must keep cable!


My friends – both old and new

I’d want to keep them still.

To share a laugh, a tear or two (or twenty).

They’re friends – they know the drill.


My sense of humor – such as it is

I could not do without

For surely I would rant and rave

Of that there is not doubt.


I don’t need things – I have too much

So let me make this clear

Santa there really is no need

For you to stop by here.


But if you do, all I would ask

In addition to the things I’d keep.

Please keep it down – as best you can

I’d like a good night’s sleep!


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34 responses to “All I Want for Christmas….zzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Sleep? You’re pressing it!

  2. I know, I wrote that at 2:30 a.m…

  3. Freshly Pressing it, you mean.

    • Ha – If nominated I will decline – if elected I will not serve….oh, wait, that’s another platform.

      The Freshly Pressed Overlords have determined that I shall remained permanently rumpled (I guess that’s the opposite of pressed). Bastards.

  4. I LOVE this! How sweet, and you made me laugh, as well. I can relate to this need for sleep. Oh, can I relate!

    Happy ornament making, my friend!


    • Thanks, Kathy – my friends are raving about the ornaments – I don’t think I’ll have enough time to make one for everyone!!! I’m definitely saving my labels and such for repurposing!!

      Glad you could laugh this morning – I’m so tired I want to cry! I don’t think I slept more than an hour at a time all night long – and was up between 1:30 and 4:00 a.m.

  5. Love it! That’s the true Christmas spirit. Wishing you a restful holiday . ..

  6. winsomebella

    Great, thoughtful, heartwarming poem. May you sleep like a babe tonight

  7. Oh my gosh! Seriously, K8 – may I copy and print this out? This is beautiful. This my kind of poem and my sentiment towards the holidays (even if we don’t have cable).
    Really enjoyed this. Well done. 2:30am looks great on you, even if you hope you never see it again. (smile) Sleep well tonight.

    • You may, indeed. I hope I don’t see 2:30 am anytime soon. Although the moon was lovely, I must say. I am glad you enjoyed it – I do enjoy writing poems.

  8. LOVED IT! Awesome awesome awesome!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my place…I am so glad I stopped here! I love your poem. And you are so right about *things*….not what’s important. I am going to share the link for your poem on my FB page, my friends would appreciate it.

  10. brava Kate – at first i thought it read that you wanted to keep both your remaining brain cells and it made me laugh. everybody should think this way about all the gifts they already possess. happy xmas, hope you get the zzzzzz’s and continue…

    • Some might argue that I have overestimated the count of my remaining brain cells…at least I have one devoted to laughter and I am not sure what the other one is devoted to. Happy Christmas to you, too, Tony.

  11. tsonoda148

    Love the poem! It’s good to appreciate what you do have.

    • Appreciation is good – also, I am still trying to stuff 2 households into 1 smaller-than-I-am-used-to home. I do not need more stuff. Sleep, I do need. It increases the likelihood of appreciation (and decreases the likelihood of mass profanity).

  12. Fabulous all the way through… but the first stanza is the BEST!

    • When I look around me a see so many losing so much (homes, cars, jobs, insurance, health, family members to disease or accidents) I just want to hold tighter to what I have – even my tiny house and beat up old car. I am very blessed. Very.

  13. I love your poem! Thanks for reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas 🙂

  14. Fantastic sentiment Kate and so well articulated (does one articulate in writing or only in speaking?). Keep up the poetry writing but do try to get some sleep. Too many 2.30 ams make for spiky days.

    • Judith, I am not quite sure if one can articulate in writing. I’m still trying to figure out if there is a difference between poetry and poems…Sleep is so elusive sometimes.

  15. That’s a long list, but easy to fill–you already have these things. Best part? You know it! You’re leagues ahead of most people. You will, indeed, have a Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • If only everyone could be happy with what they have – or better yet, have what they need (not necessarily what they want). I realize I am blessed, but I hate seeing others struggle in this economy.

  16. So great! That should be email forwarded to everyone in the world three times and posted as people’s Facebook statuses!

  17. Margie

    I have most of those things too (except my Jeep is a bit newer), and really don’t want or need anything else either!

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