Mr. Sandman Bring Me a Dream (or Else)

Mr. Sandman-circa 1986

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Mr. Sandman, was it something I said
That makes you ignore me here in my bed?
In jammies, all ready, pillows just right.
Settled in for a long restful night.

But no, my eyelids although squeezed so tight
Are letting in that annoying street light.
A faucet is dripping, a clock’s somewhere ticking.
A hot flash approaches – it’s blankets I’m kicking.

Fresh nightgown on, pillows re-adjusted
No rest for me yet, my “sleeper” is busted.
Sheep have been counted – forward and back.
But no dreams are forthcoming – it’s zzzzz’s that I lack.

Eyelids get droopy, I start drifting off
When all of a sudden I develop a cough.
Breathing restored, a moment of silence
I must get some sleep or I’ll resort to violence!

Again I get close to that magical state
My stomach starts hurting – was it something I ate?
Dogs bark in the distance, sirens are wailing
Night’s nearly over – at sleep I am failing.

Tossing and turning, just trying to find
A comfortable position so sleep can be mine.
Wait, what’s that sound – what can it be?
Oh, never mind, now I must get up to pee.

alarm clock, bought from IKEA

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Back in the bed, man snoring beside me
Over on the dresser, what’s that I see?
The dreaded alarm clock – red numbers mocking
I curse ever so softly – my language is shocking.

Mind now cleared, muscles relaxing
Trying to rest shouldn’t be so darned taxing.
At last I am sleepy, dreams soon overtake me
But the buzzing alarm clock is trying to wake me.

Another night shot, I failed the “sleep” test
You’ll find me later with my head on my desk.
I know you’re avoiding me, I just don’t know why
So, Sandman, I’m begging you  – please do stop by.



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33 responses to “Mr. Sandman Bring Me a Dream (or Else)

  1. Instead of sleep, Mr. Sandman brought you this poem. : )

  2. Well done! And again–love the title!

  3. re no sleep not sure “like” is apropos here Kate. we used to sing “Mr. Sandman, bring me some sand…” no sleep for you , but a wonderful funny poem for us. get some rest.and continue…

  4. Poor thing. I hope he comes to visit soon! (And that this comment didn’t prompt an email that made a noise on a computer somewhere and wake you up.)

  5. This is my life all the time lately. You need to get these poems published! You are good!

    • Thanks, Darla…I seem to turn to goofy poems when I’m whipped or coming out of a migraine…something about working on the rhyming takes less out of me than writing some of the gut-check emotional stuff. Besides, I hit the button, doesn’t that make me “published”?

  6. I know, I know, I know – you’d take sleep over creativity, I got it. But K8 – you are creative. These poems you create, while begging for sleep, are fantastic. Truly fantastic. I agree with Darla, please get these suckers published. I’ll order a copy, and I hope to get it autographed by you, provided you’re not asleep.
    This deserves the word: Awesomesause!

  7. You poor baby! Hope you’re sound asleep and dreaming deep before long. (Wish I could be half as creative while sleep-deprived, though!)

    • Thanks, Peg. I think I just don’t self-edit or try to stifle my Seuss-like rhyming addiction when I am that tired. I am hoping that I will have a little rendezvous with Mr. S tonight.

  8. Ugh, I feel your pain. I have big-time sleep issues, too.

  9. With you on that, particularly last night…….must be something with the moon…..

  10. I just read your totally HILARIOUS comment(s) on Life in the Boomer Lane … and I loved it so much, I had to come check out your site. SO glad I did … I’ll be back!!

  11. Mr. Sandman and I have never been close, either, although he is my husband’s best friend.

  12. Well done! You need to hook up (by “hook up” I mean “work with” not, you know…that would be, well, weird and inappropriate) with Weird Al, who makes up funny lyrics to popular songs. You’re just as good as he is!

    • Wow, I never tried SINGING it, but you can make it work (I can’t sing, though). I am a closet song-writer-at-heart. I don’t know why, but silly poems like this one just come tumbling out.

  13. This one tumbled out really well.

  14. tsonoda148

    Good one Katy! And? I can sooooo relate. This poem may become my mantra. And? I’ll have that freaking song in my head for awhile. Thanks for all those lingering souvenirs of visiting your place. LOL
    Seriously, just last night I woke up at 4 am to pee and was wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep and my legs seemed to be going 90 mph. Not sure where they were going, but they wanted to go badly. I have arthritis in my back and it gives me fits as well. I’m just a mess. A sleepy one!

    • Between hot flashes and leg cramps, and a barking dog (mine) I didn’t sleep well again last night. Hope your night tonight is more restful. Hell, I hope my night is more restful, too.
      Always glad to leave my readers with little “souvenirs” of their visit.

  15. OMG!!! So totally relate to this! Dontcha hate it? Makes you curse the night—especially the flashes and the man who can sleep through anything!

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