It’s a Poem…It’s Poetry…It’s Driving Me Crazy

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After a long day at work,
Then a boring drive home
Shall I write poetry?
Or maybe a poem?

Sure, it will rhyme
With a metrical tone
But is it poetry?
Or is it a poem?

With a lyrical cadence
and emotional plea
Have I spit out a poem?
Or perhaps poetry?

Whether professing my love
or describing my home
Is it poetry?
Or is it a poem?

Writing each verse
Wondering which it will be
Does it sound like a poem?
Or more like poetry?

Writing a limerick
or penning a tome
A masterpiece of poetry?
Or an epic poem?

Cranking out rhymes
I write with great glee
Have I created a poem?
Or mere poetry?

The words paint a picture
But what do you see?
Do I call it a poem?
Or declare it poetry?

It drives me crazy
Wherever I roam
I can’t differentiate
Between poetry and poem.

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24 responses to “It’s a Poem…It’s Poetry…It’s Driving Me Crazy

  1. Now I’m going to go crazy because deep down I know there is a difference between poetry and a poem, but I can’t put it in words.

    Very nice poetry poem.

    • I know….I have spent way too much time thinking about this and I am no closer to explaining (to myself even) what the logical difference is. I think there must be a difference. Or I must already be crazy.

  2. Very nice. I’d classify this s poetry

  3. If you are crazy then so am I. So I decided to go to the trusty internet and according to ”
    A poem is a literary creation, and poetry is the art form.
    A poem is a single piece of poetry, complete in itself. Poetry is the collective term used to describe a group of poems, which may or may not be related by theme, author, or style.

    • That helps, I think. But a single poem, whose art form is poetry, is not a collection – so it is not poetry? See – this will keep me awake for days.

  4. QRS

    Kind of a stretch toward the end and needlessly pointless throughout. That’s my kind of poemetry. I love it.

  5. Kate, very creative and fun. continue…

  6. I had to look it up too (or the loving, learning, geek in my had to) and found this

    “In short it can be said that poetry is one of the forms of fine arts. A poem is the fundamental unit of poetry. It can thus be said that poetry is made of poems. In other words you can say that poems constitute the art form of poetry.”

    Read more:

  7. Love the poem!

    However, Lisa took the words right our of my keyboard, so to speak. Poetry is a literary form. A poem is a particular example of that form.


  8. Love this poem and your others…add “Poetry” to your categories and perhaps that will help organize your poems into “Poetry.”
    I can see why you can’t sleep at night. Such questions.

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  10. Its a poem and its lovely, so add it to your poetry collection.

  11. winsomebella

    Poetic……and fun. You are a poet.

  12. Cute poem, and a great addition to the fine art of poetry.

  13. Well, you have to ponder something while driving home, and it can’t be watching for oncoming traffic… 😉

  14. Is it a question or is it a rhetorical question?
    Is it live or is it Memorex?

    Whatever it is – either or –
    Your poetry rocks galore.


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  17. Nice … I say just go for it and don’t worry.
    It’s your words – it’s your voice.

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