Every Once in A While, It Really is All About Me

 Like today, for instance.  It really is all about me.  So here are the ground rules for today.
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1.  I’m going to eat and drink whatever I want.  Sure, I’ll pay for it, one way or another, but today is all about me and if a trip to the ER is in the picture, so be it.  I’ve already had a gigantic homemade oatmeal raisin cookie for breakfast (YUMMY).  So don’t try to get me to eat your sushi (again), lecture me about the chemicals in my Crystal Light (again), or make that face when you take my order for dinner and I order an appetizer, a meal (I won’t even begin to consume half of) and dessert.  And wine.

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2.  On the drive to work, I am not going to let you merge when you stupidly stayed in the wrong lane for way too long.  I am not going to smile sweetly when your diesel-fume-spewing out-of-state supercab pickup pulling a 40-foot 5th wheel pulls out in front me, filling both lanes.  I am going to ram my vehicle into the side of your portable home because 1) you’re an idiot, 2) I have insurance, and 3) you piss me off because there is no one behind me and you could have waited the 15 seconds for me to pass.


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3.  At work I am going to clean my office because all week I’ve dealt with your unending stream of crisises and drama and my work has piled up. Deal with it.

peninsular dysfunction

4.  I am not listening to any political ads, news stories, or  conversations.  I will point my real (or imaginary) remote control and click mute (and maybe leave it that way all day).

Happy listening to music

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5.  I am going to listen to happy music, look at pictures I like, and find inspirational reading – my favorite blogs, for instance!!!  I refuse to have any serious thoughts today, so don’t even go there.

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6.  I’m going to act like it’s my birthday all day long, because, really it is and it’s ALL ABOUT ME.


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66 responses to “Every Once in A While, It Really is All About Me

  1. And A Very Happy Birthday To You!!! It sounds like your day will be just fine!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’ve got the right attitude! Too bad you have to work on a day that truly is all about you, wonderful you. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, K8edid!! If I didn’t already know that you lived in Florida, number 2 on your list would have clued me in. You may not know this, but in my part of Florida, it is customary to celebrate your birthday all week long, so consider today the first day of a week all about you!

    • I know, can those mobile mansions only be moved during the hours that people commute? Every. Stinkin. Day. one will pull out in front of me and invariably there is no one behind me. Bastards.
      I have a friend who celebrates her birthday all month long. I like the sound of a week long celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday and please… do what you want and enjoy every moment of it!

  5. Happy birthday to yoooooou.

  6. Happy Birthday! I give you an honorary membership in my ‘Year of Ultimate Selfishness’ club!

  7. Happy, happy birthday! I don’t think you’ve got enough wine and cookies scheduled for today. Triple that order.

    • You’re right. Consider it done.

      • Hi Katie,

        Is that your real name? Our usual Friday night dinner group happened to meet only 1/2 block from my office, my only source for the interwebz, so I stopped by for a look-see after dinner, and to sober up a little before driving home. I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine, so I hope I’m making sense when I say you’re a doll, and I’m glad to have got to know you, and I hope you have a happy birthday, and I hope I dont’ get stopped on the way home. Ok, bye.

      • Well, Peg…. My name is Katy. Well, Kathleen if you want to get technical, or you are asking to see my driver’s license. And my vehicle registration. Or asking me to blow into that little machine. Please, do be careful driving. I hope you are home and safely tucked in. Thanks for celebrating my birthday without me, by the way. I gave it the old college try, but stomach issues stopped me at 1/2 glass of wine and a few bites of dinner.
        I think you are Pegoleg-o-Precious and am glad I’ve gotten to know you, as well. I look forward to your posts and especially your brilliant art work. Maybe I should get out more?

      • Hi Katy,
        I actually enjoyed 3 glasses of wine in honor of your birthday, and I think it showed. Thank goodness I’m not enjoying a hangover for you today. Take the rest of the weekend for your celebration – 1 day isn’t enough!

      • Working on a Saturday, Peg? No rest for the wicked? Glad you made it home okay. I have decided to dedicate a week to honor my birth, lo those many years ago.

  8. Happy Birthday! I think you have given this considerable thought. Enjoy! How nice to have it on a Friday followed by the weekend.

  9. Happy Birthday! I think I’ll start having days like this more often. Like, every Friday. Beginning today.

  10. kba

    Brilliant! Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday! I love birthdays. I hope you have an easy, breezy, beautiful day. 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday, and you go girl. Do exactly what suits you!

  13. Happy Birthday, k8edid. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!

    But I hope you don’t end up in ER. I’ve been in the hospital on my b-day and they kept saying “Are you having a happy birthday?” Somehow I did not scream back at them “Yes, I have always dreamed of spending it with YOU!”

  15. Sounds like a great plan. Happy birthday!

  16. Happy birthday! I hope you don’t have to pay for anything – literally or figuratively!

  17. Happy Birthday… and we should all live a little more like that every day… or maybe once a week.

  18. Good for you, K8!! I hope you enjoyed every second of your day. Milk it, milk it, milk it!!

    Happy birthday, K8! Happy, happy birthday!!

  19. Happy belated birthday!! Love your attitude. I think I should start doing the same once a week. Well, I already have designated Sunday my Eat All the Chocolate I Want Day. Gotta enjoy life and throw caution to the wind (and let the candy wrappers fall where they may!)

  20. Sundays for chocolate – YAY. And I no longer have to hide the candy wrappers? Life is good.

  21. YAY – I love when people make their birth – day their day.
    I have always been a firm believer in that, after all, we do
    always sacrifice ourselves or others. Hope it was a good one –
    since I’m a little behind –
    Belated Happy Birthday …!!!!
    Isadora xoxo

  22. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Aw! I missed saying it on your birthday, but happy birthday! Or . . . I hope it was happy. Also, I hope you got several chances to practice #2, and don’t mind sharing them so that I might savor them vicariously. Pretty please?

    • Much as I wanted to ram a recreational vehicle I resisted the urge…I simply cannot understand why people keep pulling out in front of my car. I have driven it for 11 years now and ever since I bought it I have been convinced it is invisible. Certainly there cannot be that many people who WANT to piss me off by pulling out in front of me, can there?

  23. Jackie Cangro

    Happy Belated Birthday! I’m a few days late to the party, but I hope you had a fantastic all-about-me day!
    In fact I hope you had another cookie for a late night snack. Just cause you can 🙂

    • I did have a midnight snack, and also ate again in the middle of the night….it’s a long story. I cannot eat much at one time, but I can eat often!!!

  24. Brava, Katy…but i’m confused by #3 – why did u even bother to clean your office when others created the pile? or did u leave out the word “not”? (i try not to skim-read)…anyway, i love the sheer in-your-face attitude of it. a big freshly baked eclair, and a very happy birthday to you. continue…

    • Because cleaning up my work and not having to look at it on Monday morning when I return makes me happy. I like doing my own work – and I put on the music, shut the door, let the voice mail get the calls and cranked it all out. And it felt good!!!

  25. ME Mertz

    Happy Birthday Madwoman
    and many many more!!

    Jamie & Max

  26. Msmouse7

    It IS all about you on your birthday! And to help you celebrate, I had cheesecake with huckleberry sauce and totally thought of you while eating it. Hope you had a super duper birthday!! And many more (on channel 4).

  27. too much fun to read! I also love your handle – k8edid. that’s one of my daughter’s many nicknames.

    happy belated birthday and i hope you make more than one day all about you 🙂

  28. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  29. winsomebella

    A birthday manifesto I can admire. So sorry I am late to the party. Happy. Happy. And many more 🙂

  30. Just found your blog today and I really enjoyed it. Your writing is playful while being semi-serious. I like that. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  31. Hope you had a great day that lived up to your expectations. I’m giving you permission to apply those birthday rules to any other day as well.

  32. I’m late to the party, but a belated Happy Birthday to you!

  33. Val

    Happy belated birthday!

  34. I missed your birthday, too. Here’s a good excuse for a re-run and let’s just celebrate your special day…all week. I’ll order another chocolate cake.
    Happy birthday + 2days

  35. Happy belated birthday! What a great post! I’am so doing applying those rules on my birthday this year! Loved it!

  36. Way to go and an birthday inspiration for us all. Just think – this movement will grow and move around the world catching on in the most unlikely places.
    And belated birthday greetings from the other side of the world.

  37. I LOVE this post! Happy Birthday! This is something we all want to say, but don’t often have the guts. Here, here! For you, it’s Crystal Light. For me, Diet Coke. I hate when people tell me I shouldn’t be drinking it. Your post is so refreshing. Hope you had a great day! 🙂

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