10 Things You Won’t Read on My Tombstone

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10.  Her house was always clean.

I live somewhere between hoarder and “probably” wouldn’t be condemned by the Health Department.  I love a clean house, I just don’t want to be the one responsible for making it happen.


9.  She was always so happy.

Of course, no one is happy all the time, but I’ve had some pretty low points and more than a few struggles, but they all made me stronger, and gave me an appreciation for the brighter times.

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8.  She voted Republican.

If there were just me and one other person alive on this earth, and that person was a Republican, I write myself in as a candidate before I would vote Republican.

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 7.  She always put herself first.

As with many wives, mothers, and caregivers, it has always been easy to put the health and welfare of other before my own.  I’m okay with that (and no one else complained, either). In caring for and serving others, we can find ourselves.


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 6. She hated teaching.

Whether providing patient education, teaching beading classes, or working as a nursing instructor – I have always loved teaching.

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5.  She loved shopping.

I would rather take a beating.  Seriously.  I hate shopping.

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4.  She kept so much to herself.

I am, pretty much, an open book.  It has taken many years for me to be able to discuss some events, thoughts, and feelings, but they are right there, on the surface -my eyes hide nothing.  I won’t go on and on about things, but if you’re interested, I’ll tell you most anything.

3.  She was vain.

Not at all.  If given a choice, I’d choose comfort over fashion, natural over made up or dyed, and “relaxed” over “fitted”.  I’m usually clean, neat, pressed, and would probably not make many people throw up to look at, but I’m more concerned about my inner beauty than all the outer stuff.  I also avoid mirrors.

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2.  She got tired of learning.

Never.  Every day, whether pursuing yet another degree, or trying to learn enough to actaully teach something to my students (who definitely test my knowledge daily), I enjoy learning – Every. Single. Day.

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1.  She found fault with everyone and everything.

I learned that judging others did not put them down, it kept ME down.  So I try everyday to accept others – reserving hatred for those people, and situations that deserve it:  abusers, violent criminals, and the greed and manipulation of others.  I have tried to always find the lesson, or gift, in every situation and every relationship – even the painful ones.



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47 responses to “10 Things You Won’t Read on My Tombstone

  1. Great post. But you are either me or you stole my list. That I didn’t think of writing. Well done.

  2. good list. I used to wish I could be a more private person… but oh well…I SHARE. AND SHARE. (at least I don’t brood.)

  3. kba

    Great post and, personally, as another it´s-splattered-all-across-your-face type of gal, I am really glad about nr 4.

  4. Great point of view……and a great list. I especially like your #1.

  5. Good post, i’m with you on number 5.

    • I imagine many men are with me on that one – I wish I enjoyed it more (or, well, maybe I don’t). I think my husband is glad I don’t like to shop any way.

  6. I really liked this post. Got me wondering what you might find on my tombstone (I won’t have one, but you know what I mean). Great post idea…

  7. Great list, K8. I share many of your traits, with maybe one exception.
    So, you won’t find fault in me based on the fact that I have voted more for Republican candidates than Democratic candidates? 🙂

  8. I loved this. All of them are true for me as well. I especially appreciate your number one.

  9. Great idea for a post. Love it. We arre a lot alike!

  10. Great post – I particularly love No 1. I am striving to be non judgmental, not easy but so worth doing. 😛

  11. Great list! I’m with ya on never voting the “R” word…… (I can’t even say it…) 🙂

  12. I didn’t think it could get better than #10–which also sums up my take on cleaning–but it did. I love this list. Like my favorite show (Scrubs), this is a perfect mix of contemplative and giggle-worthy. Love this, and how it reset my burgeoning anxiety levels. Thank you.

  13. A Classic Post 🙂
    Ohh, how I enjoyed it.
    Is the one photo of you, Katy?
    Perfection. Xx

  14. One of mine would be…”She never met a piece of chocolate she didn’t like.”

  15. Great post. I have thought about what I might want on a tombstone but never what I would have on my tombstone.

  16. # 8…kate, you’re my kind of girrrl. continue…

  17. So…you’ll tell us anything, huh…? 😉

  18. #5 Me too! I’ve faked many a flu to get out of shopping trips!

  19. OK– you get the award for best post title and best post! HIlarious!

  20. I’m with on never getting tired of learning. When I told my mom I was thining of taking another sign language class, she was like, “Aren’t you tired of school yet?” Not yet!

  21. Jane Y. Lopez

    Love it! Inspired me to think about what could be placed on my tombstone or if I’d rather be turned to ash instead. 🙂

  22. Mine always cancels me out at every election too. Why is it opposites attract wise lady?

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