Adventures of Andy

Lenore, Over at Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly recently acquired a beautiful creature, Andy, through a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  There was some discussion about whether Andy was an aardvark or armadillo.  When I commented on her “White Elephant Exchange Gift” post, I referred to Andy as an armadillo. 
I expressed that I had been looking for an armadillo, whom I would name Armando, and he would travel the world visiting bloggers and having adventures.  Lenore, gracious buddy that she is, offered to send Andy to me for a visit.  In exchange, I agreed to take him to the Armadillo races held each year in LaBelle, Florida so that he could see some of his speedier relatives.
Andy arrived in Florida on Tuesday and has since spent some time getting to familiarize himself with Casa K8edid.  Today, he accompanied me to work, where he set about increasing his knowledge base and working on solving the Rubik’s cube, which he plans to incorporate into his stand up comedy gig.

Despite his lack of opposable thumbs, Andy is determined to learn to solve the Rubik's cube.



After work, Andy and Shelby had a little play time.
Shhhhh…..nighty night.
When it was time for lights out, Shelby and Andy settled down nicely.  Andy will spend a few weeks with us.  If you are interested in hosting Andy and showing him some of the sights and sounds of your city, contact Lenore Diane directly.
This weekend, Andy will make his way to Miami…we’re looking for a bathing suit for him, but he is hard to fit…..


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36 responses to “Adventures of Andy

  1. hahaha…love it, love it. You are the hostess with the mostest. Good luck finding a suit.

  2. Love it~!!! Would love to host him in Houston/Orange County or even Nicaragua (we’re heading there in March)!

  3. really whimsical Kate. and i love the pic of Shelby and Andy. continue…

  4. What a cutie! I think Andy needs a Speedo.

  5. K8, K8, K8 … you are being so kind to my Andy. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I am truly touched that Shelby took to Andy so quickly, letting him share the dog bed with her. I would love a copy of that picture to have as a memento. (You know my love for dogs and all.)

    I’m impressed with Andy’s ability to get the Rubic’s cube. I asked him to help me check Joe’s math homework, but he balked. Something about me having to learn math once and for all. Whatever.

    Thank you for starting off Adventures with Andy with a bang! I look forward to the future post.

    • Certainly you may have the picture of Shelby, I’ll see if I can get a lighter one off to you. Shelby is having a rough week – she seems to have pulled a muscle or something and is having a deal of pain, so having a buddy around while she recovers/recuperates has been good for her.

      • We can relate. We had to take Cherokee to the vet today for an Xray. She’s torn/pulled a ligament in her back right knee. She’s keeping that leg tucked up at her waist, while she walks around on three legs.
        We’re checking with an orthopedic vet next week. In the meantime, she now has pain meds. Tough to see our furry friends in pain. Real tough. I hope Shelby feels better soon. I grew up with shepherds. Love them.

  6. Reblogged this on Lenore Diane's Thoughts Exactly and commented:
    Attention … Attention Readers … I would like to inform you of a new segment to my blog. Thanks to the help of K8edid, my Andy, the armadillo, is spending time in Florida. K8 promises to show Andy a good time for the next several weeks. Then, she’ll share the adventures with all of you.
    If you are interested in hosting Andy, please let me know. He travels well, makes friends easily and is potty trained. Basically, he is the perfect guest. And now, please enjoy K8’s introductory post.

  7. Well, thumbs certainly haven’t helped me with Rubik’s Cubes, so it’s good to know the skills come from elsewhere.

    Good luck with the bathing suit.

  8. I’ll second Kathy’s speedo idea. Something metallic or plaid, you know, to keep things subtle 🙂

  9. I’m down in West Palm Beach right now, and really, really bummed our schedules won’t allow me to spend some time with Andy. We were going to go out for a few drinks, some laughs…
    Wait, did I say Andy? I meant Katy. KATY, of course.

  10. Cute little critter. And he looks like he’s pretty easy-going… 🙂

  11. What a wonderful adventure Andy has begun. And he can solve a Rubik’s cube. Don’t send him my way, I’ll kill ‘im! 😉

  12. winsomebella

    Do you think Andy would be up for some schussing down the mountains of Colorado?? Perhaps the temperature change from Miami might be a bit much……

  13. Good luck and good travels to you and Andy. And you brought back fond memories of my one time in La Belle, Florida. My husband and I were traveling across Florida from Ft. Myers to Vero Beach and ended up in the most incredible traffic jam in the middle of Nowhere-at-All Florida (you guessed it, LaBelle) when we arrived at their annual Swamp Cabbage Festival. We were expected at John’s mother’s so, sadly couldn’t stay to see just exactly what the Swamp Cabbage Queen might look like, and especially to find out whether she had all her teeth.

    Thanks for the great story!

    • I am sure the SCQ (Swamp Cabbage Queen) is lovely, indeed. I have only tried swamp cabbage once…I was not impressed. I will try it again, though…I hear the armadillo races are great fun.

  14. What a nice gesture to expose him to Paradise here in Florida.
    I’m sure he found it heartwarming to see his relatives in LaBelle. He
    looks like he was nice to your Shelby by allowing her to have most of the blank-ee. A well behaved house guest.
    BTW – Shelby has the nicest blank-ee. I believe if I were a dog I would want my human parents to buy me one like that. It looks super comfy. Shelby might have to protect that one. I am getting very tempted.
    Mmmm … okay I’ll let her keep it.
    Fun read ..

    • Oh, Shelby will be so glad you let her keep it, but she is happy to share (I’ve actually laid next to her on the bed and it is very, very comfy). It is actually an orthopedic dog bed – but unfortunately, hasn’t prevented her from starting to experience some joint issues. It was pretty expensive (even at 50% off) but she’s my baby, and worth it.

  15. pattisj

    I can’t wait to see Andy’s adventures!

    • We’ll try to show him a really good time! We made it to Miami, even though I had a headache when we left and a screaming migraine when we arrived….so not sure how much he’ll see here.

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