I’ll Take Timothy Olyphant for 200, Alex

Intertitle from the television program Justified

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For the record, I am a middled aged woman who is happily married and who also abhors television violence.  But I watch Justified every week (recorded on the DVR, I’m old and fall asleep early).  Every week.  I put up with an hour (okay, 0kay, 40 minutes with commercials) of drug- and moonshine-crazed Kentuckians shooting one another, beating each other, double-dealing and back-stabbing just to catch a glimpse of:

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Yeah.  That’s just how I roll.


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39 responses to “I’ll Take Timothy Olyphant for 200, Alex

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Oh. Oh! I would’ve been doing the same thing, if only I’d known. Now that I do know? I’m with you. Mmm.

  2. girrls will be girrls. did you see him in Deadwood? continue…

  3. Ok, he was almost ruined for me on Damages, but Deadwood brought him back up in my stats- I’ll need to DVR some Justified- because he is a very special man!

  4. I know not of this Justified … However, I will search Netflix to see if I can catch a glimpse. In the meantime, please consider White Collar. Rather, consider Matt Bomer. Google him, if you have to. Trust, K8. Do it.
    (Seriously – the show is brilliant. I’m still in Season 1, but I’ve heard it only gets better … better than brilliant? I can hardly wait.)

  5. Cute, but he’s no Keanu. I’ll sit through The Matrix (even the last one) for him.

  6. I’m a lesbian from Kentucky who has not seen Justified, but I have to agree.

  7. I don’t watch the show so I haven’t seen him but from what I see here he is pretty good eye candy. ~~~~ : – )

  8. Have you watched the movie “Catch and Release”? It’s a very good romantic comedy that ol’ Tim plays a huge part in.

    Ok… I’m watching it now (again)! You made me do it… hehe. It is good.. I think you’d like it.

  9. We don’t have Justified here but I shall watch out for it. 🙂

  10. Jackie Cangro

    I wouldn’t mind watching him read the phone book.

  11. kba

    Sometimes it feels as if you pluck blog post themes out of those half formed ones swirling around in my own head I identify so much with them so on this occasion I had to chuckle….I just love Justified and have done since I chanced upon series 1 about a year ago (well I used the programme review form to attempt to mask my superficial slavvering over both Mr Olyphant and Mr Goggins!). Am currently rationing myself through series 2 on DVD one episode at a time (well two at a time to be honest). If you are interested…


    • No, I just pick one of the multitude swirling around my brain, sometimes I catch one, sometimes I don’t. My husband started watching the show, and I started out just watching in my peripheral vision, and I have to say it is not the kind of television I would normally watch – I do enjoy the acting. He got season 1 and 2 for Christmas, so I’m pretty well set on DVDs for awhile…

      Loved your post on this show, by the way.

  12. ummm, he’s kind of HOT :)) I hear that’s a great show, too. Xxx

  13. Were we separated at birth? 🙂

    I don’t watch Justified, but I like a good crime drama and I DVR all shows so I can watch them in the daytime. Watching that stuff at night gives me nightmares! And I’m middle-aged and bed-time (read-time) is 9:00 (or before)!

    • It is much more time efficient to watch recorded shows – you can zip fast forward through all the hideous commercials – 1 hour show takes about 40 minutes (more or less). Plus I can pause on my favorite head shots (I mean scenes).

  14. Sally

    Absolutely stunning pic!!! Come on people…….JUSTIFIED, Tuesdays, FX Network, 9:00 pm central.
    “But the expression of a well-made man appears not only in his face,
    It is in his limbs and joints also, it is curiously in the joints of his hips and wrists,
    It is in his walk, the carriage of his neck, the flex of his waist
    and knees, dress does not hide him.
    The strong sweet quality he has strikes through the cotton and
    To see him pass conveys as much as the best poem, perhaps more,
    You linger to see his back, and the back of his neck and shoulder-side.” Walt Whitman from “I sing the ody Electric”

  15. The first movie I ever saw Olyphant in was “Go.” I’ve been drooling over him ever since.

    • Great, let me see if the library has a copy….I am going to have to set aside an entire Timothy Olyphant day to watch movies and the entire first 2 seasons’ DVDs.

  16. Karen

    I have watched EVERYTHING that Timothy Olyphant has ever been in. JUSTIFIED is HIS best. I have Season 1 and Season 2 already. And I DVR all episodes of season 3 until the next set comes out. My whole family knows not to delete or they will suffer!!! LOL .

    • That’s right – don’t touch my DVR recordings…glad your family understands. My hubby, Sweet Cheeks, commented this morning that he had long suspected my crush on Mr. Olyphant as I would normally not watch a show like Justified….too violent. I’m willing to endure a little blood and guts.

  17. Never heard of the show or the guy, but he’s a cutie (you cougar!).

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  19. He would look good in nothing but palm leaves, wouldn’t he?

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