Return trip ticket from Delirium – One for the Road


There I was, lying in my bed

A rattle in my lungs, fever messin’ up my head

I dreamed weird dreams and lounged in a funk

Hallucinating from the all the Nyquil I’d drunk.


I dreamed Timothy Olyphant was nuzzling my neck

But woke instead to sloppy dog kisses – BLECH.

Then dreams of ice skating, executing perfect landings

Only to find spilled ice chips, in wet socks – barely standing.


Pile the blankets on, throw them off moments later.

Shivery then sweaty  – my thermometer’s a traitor!

Too weak to stand, too sore to lay down any longer

Impatiently waiting for the day I feel stronger.


At last cough has departed – fever’s gone from my head

I face the new day with a real sense of dread.

Surveying the work that piled up while out on that “trip”

I head for the Nyquil, for just one more sip!!!


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47 responses to “Return trip ticket from Delirium – One for the Road

  1. Girl, are you still sick?! This leaves me conflicted. I love these posts, but also want you to get better.

  2. I am feeling better – now need to face the piles of work I neglected all week…I’ll have visitors for the next 2 weeks and have about 8 hours to get ready!!!

  3. Perhaps you could write a screen play for Johnny Depp – The Nyquil Diary
    Glad you are the road to well. You are fun to read, sick or well.

  4. **** I dreamed Timothy Olyphant was nuzzling my neck

    But woke instead to sloppy dog kisses – BLECH****

    Haaaa. I must Google Timothy Olypant.

    Hope you are feeling better, Katy.

    I usually dream about Brad Pitt. xx

  5. Sounds as though you had it bad. Did you write this during or after it all?
    Don’t take on too much too soon….you don’t want to take that trip again. The guests will understand. Take care of yourself.

  6. I like your poem! Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Do take care. Maybe you can make it “to” the Oscars.

  8. Your poetic skills while loopy would make a Pulitzer winner gnash their teeth. Glad you’ve returned to the land of the living. Now back away from that bottle of Nyquil. Slowly, slowly…

  9. Recovering just in time for guests. Sha’woo. That was close.
    I am sorry you were left with hallucinations for the past several days. However, your poetry skills are still as sharp as ever! Thanks for this.

  10. Glad to hear you’re beginning to feel better. Yikes! You had it bad!

    • I may have been a little over-dramatic. The fever last weekend was bad, and the cough has lingered…but I am still kicking and even managed to go to work (although most of the time I stayed in my office with the door closed). It was a rough week and I am glad to be better.

  11. Well done, lady! Man, but there’s a mess uh’sickness goin’ around. I’ve had a cold for a week, but never anything as bad as yours. I do wish Nyquil had the right effect on me. Sadly it makes me sleepless and doesn’t help anything else. If you can’t justify the drugs… you can still work the hot toddies! Glad you’re better.

  12. Feel better and hope your strength and sanity and energy return soon!!

  13. Apparently I am the only one who likes Nyquil. I find it to be the only thing that allows me to sleep through the night. Your way sounds like much more fun, though.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  14. not too sick to write a cool poem – are you Kate? 🙂 continue…

  15. See, Kate…I would never enter into a poetry contest against you. You are too good. Hope you feel back to yourself very soon. I stayed away from the NyQuil after that one time I had a weak moment last week. But I did pop some advil so I could sleep…but no hallucinations and no creative juices were flowing. I am back at square one with my writer’s block again. Gah!

  16. NyQuil is the single most significant invention in the history of medicine. Glad you’re feeling better!

  17. Nyquil: the only drink that’s appropriate at any time of day and regardless of health.

  18. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Yours is about the only poetry I read. Can I say you’re the only poet whose work I consistently love? ‘Cause that would be true.

    As for NyQuil . . .

    I’ll occasionally nab Ba.D.’s NyQuil when the only sickness I’m facing is insomnia. It knocks me clean out in those cases. When I was actually sick last week, though? It helped not a whit with my sleep! The first night, I thought it was bad luck. The second sleepless night I determined I was daft for having given it the benefit of the doubt. At least I can still count on it when well! 😉

    • At least you have that!! It does make me sleep but the dreams are so weird and vivid, and I drift in and out of sleep. Hope you are feeling better, as well.

  19. Val

    Poetry’s an interesting way to cope with being ill. 🙂 Hope you’re on the road to recovery.

  20. Woohoo! Andy has ARRIVED! Thank you! He came all nestled in bubble wrap. Gosh, he’s heavy. I thought…

  21. I hope you’re feeling better!

    Please pass your germs to me so I can drink Nyquil and dream of Timothy Olyphant.

  22. Wait…..hold the phone…you have to be SICK to take Nyquil? That changes everything.

  23. Hey Missy- Just a shout-out that your excellent entry in The Jacket Writing Competition is up today. Check it out, and thanks so much for playing along!

    • Your contest was so much fun!!! Not so much the writing (I needed 100 to 200 more words, just in case you’re thinking of doing another one). I loved all the entries.

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