Granny Got a Gun – or Stand Your Ground, Even if You Need a Walker to Do So


On Friday evening, a 71 year old woman was injured in an exchange of gunfire with Sheriff’s Deputies inside the woman’s home in Ft. Myers, Florida.  Deputies report they were conducting a well-check on the woman.  When they arrived, the front door was open and lights were on inside the home.  Deputies stated they announced their presence and entered the home and that’s when the situation turned violent.

Granny opened fire and got off 2 rounds before she was wounded.   Sheriff Scott continued to say that 71-year-old Patricia Mapes shot two rounds at deputies which led to the gunfire exchange.  The exchange of gunfire left Mapes wounded and in the hospital.  Neither television nor newspaper accounts went so far as to report that Ms. Mapes was shot by the Deputies.  Neither officer was wounded.  Sheriff Scott also reported that the wounded woman “made comments prior to discharging her pistol”.

She might have said something like “Where are my glasses?”  “Have you seen my hearing aids?” “Do you know how to work this remote?” or maybe something like “I said get out of my house”.


No reports on whether Ms. Mapes will be charged or whether she will invoke Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law upon discovering 2 armed men in her home.



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30 responses to “Granny Got a Gun – or Stand Your Ground, Even if You Need a Walker to Do So

  1. I guess elderly folks and “technology” just don’t mix.

  2. I am not sure what side to take on this issue. But it is funny.

  3. Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t reload!

  4. Thats a tough one!!! I don’t know what is right in this case….. I really don’t!!

  5. Gosh, on one hand, I applaud her courage. On the other hand, I wonder if she had her wits about her. And, why were the police doing a well-check? What provoked that?
    I don’t know, K8. I just don’t know. (‘cept, I do know you portrayed this in a very funny way, and I liked it.)

    • I meant to find the humor in the situation, but it is a humor tinged with much sadness.

      This is what I envisioned happened…

      Granny couldn’t find her glasses (they were hanging on one of those eyeglass holders around her neck). Since she couldn’t find her glasses, she couldn’t locate her hearing aids so she couldn’t hear that danged cell phone her kids bought her that kept ringing. The only people who ever called her were her kids to nag her about selling her house and moving into one of those assisted living places or her grandkids wanting money, so she didn’t worry too much about not answering the phone. The kids, sure that something bad had happened to Granny, called the cops. The deputies approached the house and seeing the door open, announced themselves to Granny who could neither see nor hear them. She was attempting to change the channel with the universal remote. She pulled the pistol from under her lap afghan when she found two armed men in her living room – and blasted away.

      At least I think that’s what happened.

  6. florida is a f—ed up state no doubt. continue…

  7. I laughed at “Do you know how to work this remote?” since I already don’t know how to use one and I’ll only get worse. Fortunately we don’t have any guns in the house.

  8. HHahahaha … I read about this in the paper. She is one fiesty granny. I love the old folks who don’t give a s–t about nothing. I have a goal, it’s to be just like them. Do I have to be a redneck???? I’d best go out and sun, now. LOLOLOL …..

  9. This post and all the comments made me very happy. I don’t know what else to say.

  10. Sometimes that’s enough, Years. If you are happy, I am happy.

  11. And they don’t allow you to buy pepper spray here in NY. Me thinks this is some odd kind of population control measure in over-populated states. Arm the elderly and cut Medicare expenses by one-third…

    • I hadn’t considered that angle. I didn’t know that you couldn’t buy pepper spray in New York, and I am sure that there are other places. There are some gun-loving folk here in the Sunshine State – that’s for sure.

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