Let’s Play 20 Questions

Publicity photo from the game show Twenty Ques...

Publicity photo from the game show Twenty Questions. Actor Aldo Ray is in the photo as a guest panelist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Byronic Man is a humor writer whose posts are “…sometimes fiction, sometimes autobiography.  And sometimes cultural criticism.  Oh, and occasionally reviews.” (his words).  But always, ALWAYS humorous, insightful and thoughtful (my words).  His movie reviews are stellar – you feel like you’ve not only watched the movie with him, but that he bought your popcorn from the concession stand.

His “Question of the Week” contests (I’m a past winner!!) are fun.  His comments, and those of his followers, are some of the funniest you’ll ever read, and are usually ALMOST as good as the posts themselves.

Today he has featured my “Let’s Play 20 Questions” interview on his blog.  Go check it out.


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24 responses to “Let’s Play 20 Questions

  1. A very good idea and good answers.

  2. Great interview, Katy. I loved every answer and could really relate to most of them. No wonder we get along so well.

  3. Popping over to read all about it.

    • Finally – where have you been all morning?

      • Hey, some of us work for a living, as you know. I sometimes have to sell some insurance to somebody to pay for my palatial digs and the fine wine I like to guzzle like water.

      • Yes, I know, I am at work, myself…I am at my place of employment, anyway. Not much work getting done. Not much pay, either, which is why I live in a hovel (which needs to be cleaned) and drink really cheap wine.

      • And now that I think about it, I could afford better wine (and a housekeeper) if I didn’t pay so damned much for INSURANCE!! Really, do you have any idea how expensive hurricane insurance is?

  4. For some reason, my computer is not letting me click on the link. Will try again in a bit. Damn! Byronic Man sounds awesome.

  5. Good interesting questions, and good interesting answers!

  6. I loved question #10. Enjoyed reading all the Q & A.

  7. You had great answers – very funny – and I got to know a lot more about you. You don’t need to die to have people say those nice things about you.

    • I love learning more about other writers – and this 20 question format is fun. For some reason, I am not getting notified of your posts anymore. I must go investigate what is going on.

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