The Deadly Sin Series – Who is In?


Hieronymus Bosch - The Seven Deadly Sins (deta...

WHO?  All the blogging buddies, writers, writer wanna-bes, friends, strangers, and others.

WHAT?  A contest series based on the Seven Deadly Sins (Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth).

WHEN?  Starting today (or whenever I get the drop box set up) and through May 4th, 2012 entries will be received for the first round in the series  which will be “Gluttony” (chosen at random).  Topics for subsequent contests will also be chosen randomly until all seven topics have been exhausted.  A definitive schedule has not been determined but as long as there is interest, and I am physically (and mentally) able,  I will continue the series.

WHERE?  Right here on WordPress.  I will host the series, gather the entries, select a panel of judges, post the finalists, post polls for reader voting, and award prizes.

WHY?  Because we can.  And because I want to.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I think it is quite ironic that one of the questions in my “Let’s Play 20 Questions” interview this week with the Byronic Man was pertaining to the 7 Deadly Sins.  Learning that continued practice of Gluttony as a favorite deadly sin could, in fact become deadly, I chose Sloth as it’s replacement.   Just today, Lisa over at Woman Wields Words wrote about Envy.  I guess, perhaps, it is true that great minds think alike.

This is an idea that I have been kicking around for quite some time now.  I am proposing a series of writing contests, each centered around one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  If you wish to participate, and complete the series, you would have an anthology of pieces that would reflect your ability and range.  When someone asks to see a sample of your writing, you could toss your scarf over your shoulder and oh so casually say, “Well, I do happen to have an anthology based on the Seven Deadly Sins which showcases my talent”.  Or some such.

I will host the series, gather the entries, and post them.  From all entries submitted, a selection of 5 finalists (as determined by a panel of judges) will be posted for a vote for each round.  Readers will vote on their favorites via a computerized poll.  After all the rounds have been completed the winning entries of each round (7 Deadly Sin entries) will be pitted against one another for the Grand Prize.  Which I haven’t determined yet, but it will be something fabulous.

For the first contest “Gluttony” the winner will receive a sinfully delicious (see what I did there?) batch of k8edid’s Top-Secret World-Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, vacuum packed and shipped overnight to their destination (mainland U.S. only) AND a $20 donation will be made, in their name, to the Food Bank or other hunger-fighting charitable organization of their choosing.  If the winning entry is from a writer outside the contiguous 48 US states, the winner shall designate a local eatery for which they will receive a $20 gift certificate (or cash) – or the winner may wish to have donated, in their name, an additional $20 to the charitable organization of their choosing.  Each contest will have a “themed” prize awarded and a charitable donation made to an appropriate organization, designated by the winner.  (I don’t know, but for “Lust” is there a Hookers’ Benevolent Fund??)

Everybody wins.  You get to flex your writing muscles and amass a themed anthology.  We get to read the fabulous posts.  Winners get prizes…and charitable organizations get donations.  I get to deduct the donations on my taxes!!!  If Darla wins, she will make a fabulous vlog post!!!

Of course, there must be rules.  But they will be simple.

  • Each entry must be 600 words or less.
  • One entry per round
  • You may use the same characters and settings or you may change it up with each round.
  • You may use any genre that you wish for each round.
  • Entries must be submitted by the deadline, which will be announced at the beginning of each round and will be no less than 2 weeks.
  • Entries submitted must be your own original work.
  • You may participate in all the rounds to complete the series; or as few or as many as you choose.
  • Oh, and the series is called DEADLY SINS so in each entry someone should be dead, dying, damaged or in grave danger.

It is going to be a lot of fun.  Okay, who’s in?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Disclaimer:  I will be also writing an entry for each round (because I want to have fun, too).  However, my entries will not be entered into the judging.

If you want to play along but don’t want to commit to writing seven stories – please consider being a judge.  I   I have 4 people (non-bloggers) in mind, but it would be nice to have a “jury of your peers” to help determine the finalists of each round.  Just let me know, but I’m hoping you’ll write.



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72 responses to “The Deadly Sin Series – Who is In?

  1. What a fabulous idea! I’m not sure I can write seven stories since my writing is more a slice of my life thing and as yet I haven’t died from any of the deadly sins I’ve committed, but I may submit a poem or two to spice things up. I’d love to be a judge. Judging earns cookies, too, right?

  2. What an awesome idea, Katy! I will definitely participate (at least for any I can come up with ideas for!)! And as I was reading and getting to the part about the prizes, I was thinking, “Cookies. Where are those chocolate-chip cookies?!” I should have known you wouldn’t disappoint 😉

  3. I’d like to throw my fluffy hat in the ring and possibly chicken out when I see the other competitors……

    • Oh, come on now, it is a personal challenge – stretch your abilities – grow and learn kind of thing. Plus the entries are bound to be entertaining, I only hang around with talented people, you know.

  4. What a great idea. Although I won’t be entering (not on WordPress and not an “official” writer) I will participate by reading. Looking forward to some creative expressions for the Deadly Sins. I might even try a few posts on my own blog on the same lines. Just have to think if I actually have any “sins”. OK, I know I am not perfect. Let the Reading begin.

  5. I HATE people who set up writing competitions that provoke angst and performance anxiety in poor, innocent bloggers. Damn you!

  6. What fun — I’m in! I once played Envy in a play — does that mean I automatically win that round?

  7. I love this idea, and will definitely participate. Thanks so much for the link to my post today. Now I have some clarifying questions:

    1) Are we supposed to post our entries on our own sites, or just send the entries to you for you to post?

    2) When is gluttony due?

    Kudos to you for creating a fabulous contests.


    PS. Maybe for lust we could donate to Sexaholics Anonymous . . . is there such a group? 😉

    • Lisa – you would write your entry and put it in the drop box (not on my page yet, but I’ll put it up there, hopefully in the next 24 hours). “Gluttony” is due May 4. I will post the entries in batches as they are received, so readers can enjoy them, with links back to your blog, where you are welcome to post the entry if you like on your own page. A panel of judges will choose 5 semi-finalists, a poll will be posted with voting for a period of time – say 1 week. You would then promote your entry in any way you like (on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, at the bar, whatever), encouraging your followers to vote for your entry.

      I think there is a Sex Addicts Anonymous. Guess I could find out!!!

  8. Great idea 🙂 Sharing this on the CCC FB page so other CCs can join.

  9. I’ll give it a go, but as you know i’m a terrible writer, have you a booby prize 🙂

  10. You might just surprise yourself, buddy. I’ve seen some of your stuff – you can do this.

  11. Kate, i think i’m “dying” to enter. 🙂 continue…

  12. I’m all over this challenge like a cheap suit. I’m already prepping myself for the gluttony, having stopped on my way home from work and picked up a massive bag of salt and vinegar chips and entirely too many bottles of India Pale Ale. I may not come anywhere near winning the gluttony post, but I’ll have a damn good time trying. Thanks for setting up this challenge.

  13. I like a man who throws himself into his work – with all that research and development you are sure to have a winner…Is that your dinner this evening, pale ale and chips? If so….I approve.

  14. As to the lust charity, I think that there is a support group for former prostitutes. At least around here: Merely a suggestion. I am sure that there are more around the country-at least I hope so.
    Great idea, btw.

  15. What a great idea. Like Lisa, I’m interested in gluttony. Thanks.

    • Great, Kathryn! I’m so glad there is interest in this series. I think it will be fun. I’m still working on the box for entries to be submitted (I made a page of notes but I think I’ve misplaced them!). I hope you’ll do others, as well. Gluttony is due May 4 (by midnight).

  16. Great Idea.
    Too busy to do this, but I shall be reading ❤ Xxxx

  17. Love this idea & what a great way to see how others handle the same subject. Glad we have 600 words too, sometimes in the other challenges 100 is just not enough! I’m in.

  18. What a fabulous idea! I would love to enter if I could just get my brain to work again. I’m writing so much lately, my brain is short-circuiting. But I don’t know about the vlog thing….maybe I can do one even if I lose? Hmm….

  19. I’m in … though do I have to commit to all 7 sins? I mean, do I need to write for every sin, or do you accept scattered entries.
    Also, in a twist similar to Celebrity Apprentice (Greed … see what I did there?), I’d like to toss in a monetary donation for each winner, too. I will make a $30 donation to a charity on behalf of the winner. The winner can choose between: One Simple Wish, (, The Society of St. Andrew (, or Murphy Harpst (

    • Wow, Lenore, that is great. I appreciate your generosity.

      You may enter as many of the contests as you would like. Or as few. It is a lot to commit to 7 entries. I am very excited to see all the different directions people go with the themes.

      Again, thank you for the offer – we can do some good as well as have fun!!

  20. Great idea! But since I’m Buddhist, I’d rather not focus on sins. Of course, maybe I could write about that. I’ll have to give it some thought. A Buddhist faced with these human hindrances… 😉

    • Any perspective you want to take is fine – I personally don’t consider all of these to be sins, myself. Human hindrances – I like that description.

  21. Sounds very interesting and fun.. I might try.

  22. Hey there! I just wrote my story. But it’s for envy not gluttony. (don’t ask me why but as the story evolved I realized it was more ‘envy’ than anything else) Do we have to enter a story for each sin? Or can we pick and choose?
    Either way, I’m emailing it to you now. Good night, Katy!

    • Well, you don’t have to enter each round, but this first one is for Gluttony. I can hang on to the entry until Envy comes up. You still have time to write a gluttony entry. It’s for the cookies!!!

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  24. Well I am now inspired to give it a try, but Sloth came to mind as my sin of choice. I was going to post it to my blog but trimmed it down to fit the word restrictions. Can I post it now or would you rather I enter it and then post it?

    • I am looking forward to writing a sloth entry, too. As it is my favorite now. Each deadly sin is going to have it’s own contest, so when sloth comes up you can enter it then, or send it to me and I’ll hold onto it until then. That reminds me, I need to pull the other 6 sins from the bowl and see the order of the remaining contests. I hope you’ll give this contest (Gluttony) a try.

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  26. Great idea! I’ll see if I can shoehorn some time to participate just for the fun of it.

  27. My entry is done, but I haven’t gotten around to submitting it. I’m so busy stuffing my face I just don’t have time. It’s coming though, I promise.

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  29. This is a great idea and I LOVE chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully I can come up with something by Friday!

  30. Lenore Diane’s Thoughts send me over to check out this challenge. She’s a temptress. And what a stellar idea! I’ll see what I can do but as my “sin” for B-Man’s 20Q was also sloth…all I can say is I’ll try. 🙂

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  37. I entered a submission. I hope it’s not too late or too short or against the rules somehow (being about a cat.) Anyways I like the idea of a deadly sins series. SandyLikeaBeach referred me here. I love the other entries so far. Good luck with the contest!

  38. Oh I didn’t even realize you already have a picture of a big fat cat on this page! Well I am feeling much less clever now. Anyways it has been fun and I’m glad I discovered your blog!

  39. Wow, what a great week of reading. When is the winner announced, and, when does the next sin start? I may just have to practice all 6 remaining so I have some fresh stuff to be prepared!

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