Gluttony – The Last Supper

“Don’t do this, Karen.  You  heard the doctor.  No ‘last supper syndrome’.  You’ll just have more weight to lose.”  He watched as she pulled containers from the refrigerator: fried chicken, scalloped potatoes and ham, a pizza box, potato salad, puddings and, he thought ironically, Diet Coke.  She plodded to the pantry and returned with a half-eaten cake.

“Henry, in one week I will have surgery that will leave me with a stomach the size of my thumb.  I want to eat. I am going to eat.”

Henry knew better than to argue – his once beautiful bride would eat, he knew, until her stomach could hold no more, then within an hour she would eat again.  All evening, until she fell asleep in her recliner – she could no longer sleep lying down even with the CPAP machine – she would eat.  And eat.

He knew that tomorrow she would embark on the liquid pre-op diet for her bariatric surgery.  Surgery that she had begged her doctor for, fought with her insurance carrier over, and argued with him about.  Surgery they both prayed would save her life.  But tonight – the last day for solid food before she began the seven day liquid diet mandated by the surgeon – she would eat.  Henry grabbed up his keys and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” she demanded.

“Out.  I cannot watch you do this” he said.  “I’ll catch a movie.  Come with me” he pleaded.

“No, I’m staying.  Just one more day, Henry.  One more day”.  She took a deep breath, put a container into the microwave, then leaned on the counter.

“Honey, please.  Come with me” Henry begged, even though he knew her answer.  It had been months since they had gone anywhere but the grocery store together. He could not watch her gluttony, not even one last day.

“No,” she turned her back to him as he tried to hug her.

“Go, then,” she said.

Karen ate a cold drumstick while reheating the remaining leftovers – picking the meat from the bone without even tasting it.  Licking her fingers, she piled a tray with her bounty.  She did not bother with a plate, she would eat straight from the containers.  She lowered her considerable girth into the recliner that would be her resting spot for the evening.

For a second she felt guilt – guilt that she had caused Henry one more day of concern. She did not know how, or why, but his love remained strong.  “Through thick and thin” he would say, squeezing her fleshy shoulders.  She thought of herself on their wedding day – she was not thin by any means, but she was shapely and well proportioned.  He had loved her body as much as she had hated it.

“Life is short – eat dessert first” she said raising a forkful of cake to the television, turned as always to the Food Network. She devoured the cake, washing it down with Diet Coke.

“Through thick and thin” she said, raising a chicken wing to the wedding photo on the bookshelf across the room.

“No Last Supper Syndrome” she intoned sternly…mimicking the voice of her bariatric surgeon.  She stripped the meat from the bones with her teeth.  Tossing the bones back into the container, she tore a bite from a piece of cold pizza and swallowed.

“No, no, no” she silently screamed as she felt the pizza lodge in her windpipe.

“Please, God, no” she prayed, clutching her pudgy neck with both hands, struggling in vain, unable to lift herself from the chair.

“Tomorrow I start my diet” she thought.  “Tomorrow… my new life…Henry…tomorrow”.



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47 responses to “Gluttony – The Last Supper

  1. 600 words exactly!! I thought I’d get us started with my entry – which won’t be entered into the contest since I am hosting.

  2. Running from Hell with El

    So very well-done. I felt breathless as if the pizza were lodged in my wind pipe by the end of your post. Gah! Good work!

  3. Ok I am not so large as to need bariatric surgery but I do have some eating issues, especially since my “Henry” left. You nailed it right on the head; except for the fact that I DO use plates I would think you were watching over my shoulder. However, because I have been facing the possibility of a CPAP I started to get it under control. Thanks for the mirror!

  4. That is very well written! You may have just inspired me to enter into the 7 deadly sins contest – although you have set the bar pretty high. Even though you’re not entering since you’re hosting… still… it’s an ego thing. 🙂

    Excellent story! Now, where’s the pizza… I’m hungry.

    • I know, I kept going to the refrigerator…

      I am glad you liked it – we are all very different writers, and all very supportive of one another. I love having a topic and seeing all the different approaches. I’m sure yours would be just as good, if not better…so join the fun.

  5. I’m half way with mine, but not up to your standerd

  6. Loved it, Katy. How are we supposed to write anything now with that to measure up to?

  7. Well done, Katie. Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Ha, ha. I actually had WLS over 2 years ago and went through the last supper syndrome. But it got tired very fast and it was like an overdose where you just didnt feel like eating any more. At least I made it to the next day. But It certainly reveals the mental aspect of gluttony. Or thinking that you will never be able to eat again. Great job.

    • I was reading the pre-op instructions on my surgeon’s website – the instructions for the weight loss surgery aren’t very different at all for the surgery I will need to relocate my wayward stomach…I am glad you made it to the next day.

      Thanks for reading – won’t you please write a story as well?

  9. Very good!
    I’ve submitted a story for you. It doesn’t look like it formatted well, so let me know if it is readable. I can always email a formatted version to you.

    • I got it. Thanks. The drop box sends it to my e-mail, and it looks all right in the e-mail. Mine didn’t look right, either, but showed up okay.

      Thanks so much for playing along.

  10. painful…on many levels. continue…

  11. Great story. So many ways to take this “human hindrance…” 😉

  12. Snoring Dog Studio

    Made me wince with fright. Depressing, isn’t it, how addictive food is?

  13. Um. Awesome. Also made me want a snack. I might need to start my new diet this morning 🙂

  14. Powerful and honest. I’m almost afraid to post mine now. But I will . . .

  15. OK! There’s a cheery start to my week. No fair showing everybody else up before we even get started. (Heading off to see if there’s any cold chicken in the fridge)

  16. This is so awesome! It’s a good thing you can’t enter the contest! 😉 I think the fact that I put my favorite quote, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first,” in today’s post is definitely a sign that I need to enter for Gluttony. Stay tuned!

  17. It’s going to be hard to write up to your standards, but I’ll give it a try later this week.

  18. Holy crap! Nothing like a little pressure during a friendly competition, eh? K8 this was fabulous!! Oh my gosh! I could taste the food – the greasy chicken, etc. Wow. I think I even burped a little. (smile)
    Seriously, this was incredible. The ending was fantastic! Gluttony will get you in the end.

  19. I love love love your writing ❤ WOW.

  20. tsonoda148

    Amazing. Held me until the very last word. Katy, you got skills, woman! WOW

  21. My story is in and its down to my usual low standard of writing, you don’t have to post it if you think it rubbish 😆

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