K8edid – vs – WordPress: Irreconcilable Differences?

Irreconcilable differences

Irreconcilable differences (Photo credit: fd)

Now comes the Plaintiff, k8edid, blogger of approximately 1 year who claims that her relationship with WordPress (defendant) has suffered irreconcilable differences and offers the following evidence:

Exhibit 1 – Defendant has attempted to isolate Plaintiff by repeatedly “misplacing” her subscriptions, repeatedly blocking her access to favorite writers, and sabotaging her access to even her own account during a week when said Plaintiff was attempting to conduct a writing contest.

Exhibit 2 – Defendant has repeatedly ignored Plaintiff’s incredible talent for creating poems, providing kick-ass recipes, and having some highly entertaining post titles; instead recognizing a mind-numbing array of over-enhanced photographs and bland travelogues.

Exhibit 3 – Defendant steadfastly refused to acknowledge efforts of Plaintiff and her cohorts to stage a non-hostile takeover (Better Living Through Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).

Exhibit 4 – Defendant has refused to provide reliable support to Plaintiff, leaving her with no visible (or virtual) means of support, despite the Plaintiff’s sustained efforts to provide barely entertaining and rarely offensive blog posts.

Now, therefore, WordPress is hereby notified that Plaintiff is seeking relief (having developed a wandering eye due to the inattentive nature of Defendant and failure to provide the e-love and support) and is busily considering alternate relationships.  If Defendant wishes to reconcile with k8edid, Plaintiff will consider couple’s counseling, and will be influenced by flowers, chocolate, wine and paid-travel.

Oh, and a freakin’ blogging platform that actually works…



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54 responses to “K8edid – vs – WordPress: Irreconcilable Differences?

    • I have discovered today about 10 of my favorite bloggers whose posts are not showing up in my reader – I am so disgusted. I realize I am using a “free” platform (even though I don’t really care for Weight Watchers ads I’ve seen on my blog when signed in anonymously. Bastards.

      • I know I’ve lost touch with some of my favorite bloggers as well, which is why I have everything e-mailed to me now. I love the ease of creating a blog on WordPress, but the glitches lately (and the evil ads) annoy me to. However, I’m still not ready to take the leap and just create my own site. And I find Blogger more annoying. So for now I shall slog along in the WP universe (although I’m still technically on a break–she says as she works on a post. I have now willpower)

  1. Barneysday

    Well done! You are not alone, and if you care to, perhaps we can make this a class action suit!

  2. Ok, I am so glad that I’m not the only one who has noticed the barrage of photography/photos of food/photos of travel/photos of traveling food/photos of artwork depicting travel and/or food blogs on FP. I thought it was wordpress not picturepress. I saw a humor post up there today and thought I was hallucinating.

    I have given up on my reader. I have to rely on people leaving comments on my blog so then I can click on their links and stalk them and normally I prefer the secret old-fashioned type of stalking so this is very frustrating for me.

    • I don’t even get notified of GG’s posts, Byronic Man, or yours anymore. How am I supposed to get through the day? I am so lazy, I can’t possibly keep track of URLs or http’s or whatever the hell they are. This week I couldn’t even get onto my own blog. I guess the honeymoon is definitely over.

      And, another thing. Can’t anyone take a regular photograph anymore? All these “enhanced” photos with colors whose intensities do not exist in nature.

      God, I’m bitchy today…I need chocolate. (or wine)

      • Yes! Seems everyone has photoshop and a camera these days. Everyone can take a picture now with all the technology out there. And then they go nuts on the color enhancing. haha!

        Y’know, I like travel, I like food/recipes as much as the next guy, but what’s next, close ups of a blueberry muffin in Paris? Freshly Pressed is SOOOO boring, I don’t know why I even bother checking it. Well, I suppose it’s in the hope YOU are up there finally. By the way, I just checked it and (gasp) there are two next entries and both are photography. I am shocked, absolutely stunned!!

        • next is supposed to be NEW…

          • Bitch, bitch, bitch. (I’m referring to these complaints and not the complainer, btw). I had the same problem with only being able to get to blogs by following people back from their comments. That didn’t even work with some. For some, when I clicked on them I only got a big screen-shot of their avatar.

            My Reader and “Blogs I follow” list is working as of yesterday. Hows about you?

          • I am slowly getting everyone’s blogs back on my reader, yours and B-man’s included. But Paul’s? I never see it. I think he’s somehow figured out how to block me.

            • I thought the same thing, but every once in a while, one of his posts will come through. Or maybe there is a feature where you can block annoying stalkers. I barely remember to enter his caption contests if his posts aren’t special delivery sent to me.

        • By the way, Katy, I am currently writing a blog post about travel. Oh yeah. And there will be photos of another country. Maybe even food!

      • Uh, oh – I think I resemble that remark – I’ve been playing with my iPhone and Snapseed. The good thing is that I have now divided my blogs into writing/photos/law so no one has to experience something they are not interested in anymore. Most people are interested in the photos the most, I find. ;o)

  3. Tell ya what, number 1 is such a common problem around this part of the blogosphere it’s pathetic. I’m with you.

    And all of the photoblogs that are FP!


  4. I’m with you on exhibit 2. FP used to change 5 days a week. It was actually fresh and seemed to feature writing. Seemed to me that someone else took it over and downhill it went.

    • I will drink to that. Oh, wait. I already did drink to that. And that. Ooh, and that. Well, you get the PICTURE? If not, I’m sure you’ll find something similar on Freshly Pressed…

  5. Maybe you and everyone commenting has mentioned “Freshly Pressed” often enough to Freshly Press this one!

    Sorry you have such problems — I set up a special fiftyfourandahalf@gmail.com account. And I haven’t lost anyone recently. Well, at least I don’t think so.

    And I still can pretend to be anonymous! Good luck with it Katy!

    • Thanks, Elyse. My e-mail is already unmanageable, that is why I like the reader. That, and I’m lazy! I don’t care so much that I’ve not been Freshly Pressed, but I’ve seen so much WILD talent and I am tired of the endless photoblogs (and really, the enhanced color irritates me…soon no one will remember what nature really looks like because they’ll be plopped in front of computer monitors looking at that enhanced crap.

  6. Oh, the hot mess that is the reader…..I have fought with WP a few times over that. I lost many of my favorites as well, they just mysteriously failed to appear. No reason, nothing different, no change of address filings. I emailed tech support….many times. I was told it was finally fixed. It happened again. I have lost track of whether or not it is working correctly. And I agree with you on two of your other points…the FP blogs are overworked photo galleries, (and many folks seem to unaccountably show up there more than once while other wonderful blogs never are showcased) and I actually like the reader feature. It is convenient to have the blogs all in one place that is NOT my email. Oh, and the ads…..how did they start and why were we not notified? whew! glad I got all of that off my chest!

    • Oh, I love the reader feature – when it works, which isn’t all that often. I have had to resubscribe before to every one of my subscriptions.

      I love interesting photos, but I want to read what others write. That is why I am here…I could hang out at Flickr if I just wanted photos

      • I use the reader, but I also subscribe to emails. Then again, I have a business account, a “fun account” and my personal account – so I can manage the incoming emails fairly easily. And I’m on notice as to who I want to catch up with if they are not on the reader.

  7. I have to agree. It’s disheartening to work on a post and refine it and hone it until it looks like I’m incredibly witty and spontaneous, only to have it over-shadowed by a recipe for blueberry cobbler or some lucky bastard’s photos from his year abroad. FYI: I have a digital camera AND a cell phone, and anyone can take a pic of a medieval cathedral and have it look breathtaking! I also have a kid in college so there will be no trips to any place further than a tank of gas away. Let’s see some of you shutterbugs develop a plot and I’ll hold the Nikon for a while!

  8. Oh dear…..guess I better start writing more and shooting less! Wonderful post 🙂

    • You, my dear, are an exception. I have followed your blog for a long time (even though I don’t get notified of your submissions, either!!). I love your photos and the writing that accompanies them. I am talking about the Freshly Pressed blogs that show 1 corner of some dirty building somewhere.

      I think your photos of your granddaughter were some of my favorites – but all yours inspire me because you match the photos with such insightful words…

      Please do not be offended by my bitchy ramblings – but carry on.

    • No, You’re stuff SHOULD be pressed !

  9. Running from Hell with El

    A loud amen from the peanut gallery, especially regarding stoooooopit pictures taking over all the freshly-pressed places for the ahem wordsmiths! Walking off to pout about not writing . . .

  10. I have stopped expecting anything interesting in Freshly Pressed. I use google reader (don’t want that email from the blogs I enjoy) and was thinking I might try WordPress, but maybe not…

  11. For the most part, I’m pleased with WordPress. I’m thinking about self-hosting but there are so many features here that I enjoy.

    I, too, have been blogging for over a year and have yet to be “freshly pressed”.

    • Oh, I don’t care about being Freshly Pressed, but I would love to see something besides color enhanced crappy travel/food/buildings blogs up there. I’m here for the word-fest.

  12. Feel free to call me as a witness for the prosecution. That WAS me, but as of yesterday the Reader function is working again. I assumed they fixed it for everyone – is it still not working for you?

    • Being able to access the Reader and having it actually work are two different things…I found at least 10 new posts from bloggers I am allegedly following that did not show up in my reader. If I still have to track them down, using my poor tired fingers and feeble brain, well, the prospects are not good.

  13. Please, please let us know where to find you should you move…..

  14. I hope your suit gets settled out of court. I know (from watching way too many crime dramas) how long these disputes can take–hours sometimes! 😉

    Seriously, I’ve had my problems with not getting email notices about blogs I subscribe to. It was only after weeks of contacting the support people (and maybe some bribing) that it got resolved. I hope this doesn’t affect the contest. The logistics must be hard enough to coordinate without platform issues…

  15. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I love this post so, so very much more than I love WordPress lately.
    Then again, that’s hardly surprising, eh? 🙂

  16. I think we’re all bitter about being overlooked for our Reese’s coup, LOL, and I’ve been having people fall of my Reader too! Grrr… I think it’s very irresponsible of WordPress to expect me, a blonde, to figure out which blogs I haven’t read yet without some sort of assistance.

    Oh I finally submitted my Gluttony post today! Hope it came through!

  17. I switched to email also to avoid this problem… problem is I get too much email so I send it to a folder that I review when I feel like browsing 🙂

  18. I thought I was doing somethig wrong….so I made sure all my absolute favs on my blogrole & just click from there, it seems the “reader” only carries certain ones for me as well so I dont trust it….But I’ve looked at others & still like WP the best so far.

  19. Cute post, but I think WP is actually top of the heap for blogging.

  20. I have been out of touch for so very long. Now that I have returned – to what I hope is frequent readings and writing – I notice WP has changed the default for comment notifications. Now, I am receiving emails every time someone makes a comment on a blog where I left a comment.
    I left a comment on Peg’s post today, and I am getting nailed with emails every time someone else comments on her post. Peg is just an example. I am inundated with emails!!
    Did you follow Val Erd’s blog? She left the blogosphere due to the changes. Makes me sad. I don’t dislike change – I just don’t like screw ups.

  21. I started looking at alternate blogging platforms yesterday – I was so pis… I mean upset, with their comment notification setting (which they changed back after the outrage it caused.) FP bugs the he… bothers me too. Although some very wonderful blogs have been featured, a whole boat load of cr… less worthy stuff is there most days. (I think I’d better go off and try to find my happy place now…)

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