NYC Not Ready for This

Pegoleg, Maineiac, jules and k8edid trying to figure out how to get tickets for Broadway play.


If you can dream it, you can do it…


Road trip!!!


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51 responses to “NYC Not Ready for This

  1. AHHH!!! I am cracking up!
    What’s that stick for? So I can beat you over the head with it for posting this picture of me wearing that adorable kerchief? Jeezum Crow, Katy!

    And Jules looks like she’s knocked back a few too many swigs of Nyquil.

    (I can’t wait to show this to my husband…I just told him today, “hey, guess what? We’re going to Broadway. Yep. It’s true.”)

  2. OMG. This is…just yes. Yes. When are you all coming?!?! What should we see?? Thank god we’re all wearing sensible shoes. There’s a lot of walking in Manhattan.

  3. Peg’s got those hooker heels on – serves her bunions right for trying to make the rest of us look frumpy.

  4. Jeezum Crow, Katy, you practically gave me a heart attack! I glanced at my “Blogs I Follow” list and saw MY picture where I knew I didn’t post it.

    Is that you in the nurse shoes, or an aging drag queen? Darla’s jacket and Jule’s side pony are just hysterical! I’m laughing coffee out of my nose!

    • Well, if coffee has been snorted out of your nose, then my work here is done (it’s a good thing, too, because these bastards expect me to do some actual WORK).

      Yes, that white-haired behemoth with the nursing shoes is me.

  5. Please tell me the only reason I was omitted from the picture is because I took the picture. That’s true, right? Right?
    By the way, you nailed the green plaid jacket. Your writing and artistic talents know no bounds, Katy.
    Are you guys heading up/down to NYC to see Ghost on Broadway? Hubba, hubba. Can I come, too?

  6. I took my daughter last year for her High School graduation present. We had a blast. You’ll figure it out. Here’s a hint, at the Times Square ticket booth same day tickets for matinees are sold in the mornings and tickets for the evening shows are sold in the afternoons.

  7. Diane Turner

    I’m still laughing at the photo. Keep finding more things to hoot about. Is the stick for walking or muggers? Love the red shoes…yikes!

    • Yeah, that Peg is a fashion maven. It is harder to draw red heels in Paint than I would have imagined. That’s why I’m wearing sensible shoes in the photo.

  8. –I want to hear all about your ROAD TRIP in a detailed blog ❤ xx

    Supurb Photo.

  9. What do you mean you are looking for a play, you look as though you would BE the play. A comedy for sure. Can’t you just see the marque now?

  10. Kate, as a life-long NY’er i can honestly say NYC is one of the friendliest cities in the world. when you ask a NY’er for directions you’ll have 10 people chiming in with info. we are truly a gregarious bunch, and LOVE to talk and interact. wear a smile and you’ll get one back in return. have fun. continue…

  11. I’m surprised you didn’t include Jules second husband in the pic.

    I love the plaid on Darla!

  12. love it! so much fun – i really enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know that i nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Cheers!

    • Beth – not to sound ungrateful – but I’ve been nominated for that sucker 10 times now…I’m just too lazy to plaster those all over my blog. I’m working on redoing my blogroll – you can find all kinds of great reads over there, but I have decided to pass on awards for now. But thanks for the kind thought.

      • no worries – no expectations – just a way of saying i enjoy what you write

        have to be honest – i doubt i’ll do one of the award things again. but it seemed fun at the time 🙂


  13. Margie

    This is too funny! Just goes to show what a good story a photo can tell, especially if it has been doctored a bit!

    • What do you mean, doctored? I have it on good authority that this is exactly what the other 3 look like, and I know I have white hair and white nurse shoes on at all times.

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