Wild and Crazy Gals

It says here tickets for Ghost go on sale at 3:00. Think we’ll be up from our naps by then?

The paparazzi follow the bloggers relentlessly, catching them in this candid moment mere seconds before they received slushies to their faces.

These gals weren’t kidding when they told their husbands they were packing for their trip.


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19 responses to “Wild and Crazy Gals

  1. I really, REALLY hope this is just the start of a new running feature. The only problem is I feel like I don’t need to enter any more of the Deadly Sins competitions because I have so, so clearly already won. Just look at my gun, I mean, side pony!

  2. Brilliant! And I am covered with envy. Wish I was part of the group. Hmm… there may be an envy post in the making.

    • I wish I had pictures of groups of 50 women so I could get everyone in there. It’s not too late for you to write an Envy entry – knock one of us off!!!

    • Here, how is this one?

      “Lenore – can you believe they call this a “serving” of ice cream.”
      “No, k8edid, I can’t. I’ve licked more ice cream off my fingers while opening the Phish Food than this…That’s the Big City for you, I guess.”

  3. Andrew

    They put the gingerbread gang to shame.

  4. Diane Turner

    I must have those red shoes! Great post!

  5. Damn! We look bad-ass. I wish I could find a plaid swimsuit like that! OH, these killed me, Katy. I just showed them to my husband and he said, “Wow, that plaid jacket never looked so good!”

    I really hope one day all of us girls can go to NYC. Lenore, you coming too?

  6. Ha ha ha! How the hell did I miss this yesterday? Katy, I’m passing my Paint crown over to you. We have GOT to make this trip happen. Any word on that personal matter that you said would affect travel plans?

    • I posted it last night – when I should have been writing…or sleeping…

      They’ll be scheduling surgery probably last week of July. So probably not then, but the rest of the summer I’m good to go…

  7. –These must be greeting cards! X

  8. This was the most fun I’ve had so far today! LMFAO. Love you Katy. XOXOs

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