Anti May Day (Better known as May 31)

English: Pre hispanic statue of two men drinki...

English: Pre hispanic statue of two men drinking mezcal (tequila is a type of mezcal) in the National Museum of Tequila (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, it’s May 31.  May Day is celebrated at the beginning of the month.  Here at Casa K8edid – we celebrate Anti-May Day.

How can you participate?  Well, today is the last day for submitting an entry into the Envy Round of the 7 Deadly Sins Series, so you could spend your day doing that.

It is also the last day to officially partake in the liquor of the month (honoring the month-long celebration of Cinco de Mayo)  – Tequila.  Oh, you can still drink tequila after today.  It just won’t be official and you’ll have to keep the bottle hidden in your desk drawer.

Or you could combine the 2.  Enjoy.

(Is it me or does one of those “men” in the picture have pasties on his nipples?)


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29 responses to “Anti May Day (Better known as May 31)

  1. Why yes, I believe those are pasties. I think it’s time for a tequila shot now.

  2. I think those are just the marks left by the top of the tequila bottle when he was pressing it to his chest (and his navel) keeping it from his so-called-friend.

  3. Pasties were pretty much invented before the wheel or fire or anything. Modesty’s important, right?

    • Depends on how much tequila I’ve consumed or whether I’m having a hot flash. If both occur in the same evening – all bets (and clothes) are off.

  4. Anti-May Day is now my favorite holiday. Until National Eating Day on June 1.

  5. Those aren’t pasties. He was the first to pass out the prior night, and well – his friends had a field day. He won’t do that again.

  6. I’m going for the tequila. Thanks for the reminder. And, maybe some nachos. Hells yeah.

  7. I think the one on the right is a woman. They’re dressed differently, kind of a cozy pose for two men, and she’s smaller with feminine features. She might not be too cute, but I’m sure the six-pack beauty principle pre-dates beer. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  8. How do we feel about sangria as a substitute for tequila? I mean I can do tequila, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done shots sans (wait, that’s French rather than Spanish) salt or lemon or anything. But I’m feeling a little sangria-y today. Ole!

    • I heartily approve of sangria. Heartily. Lord knows I had enough of that this month, as well.

      • I haven’t had sangria in ages, but I’m willing to give it a retry.

        Looking at your picture, I don’t think it’s 2 guys. Based on the pasties, the hand-on-knee, hand-on-shoulder body language, looks more like a guy trying to get a gal to do some mezcal shots so he can “seal the deal” before the bar closes.

  9. Kate, had an anti May…she was married to my uncle George. on her behalf, i thank you. continue…

  10. Being Irish, we can celebrate pretty much anything. May Day, Anti-May Day, it’s now June Day, isn’t it?

  11. pasties were part of the tequila drinking ritual of the pre-hispanic peoples. it was believed that after 9 drinks a crocodile would eat your nipples. (see “The History of Tequila Drinking to Excess” by Unknown and Unable) continue…

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