Sloth – Post 4

Looks like MJ is hanging out here alone, today…

Here is the final entry in the Seven Deadly Sins Series:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By MJ Monaghan

Jason sped down the busy street as he ran his normal 10-mile route through the small beach town. The salt air refreshed and invigorated him. Back in the apartment his roommate Paul was debating what to do. His head churned with lists full of things to do, and unfinished projects waiting for completion.

Paul continued to be amazed by Jason’s perseverance. He had way more on his plate than Paul, but he still managed to get almost everything done on a daily basis. And Jason didn’t just “do things.” He did them all successfully. He ran 10 marathons in a year, each time bettering the last. College was completed in three and a half years. The 1968 Mustang “project car” his dad gave him – he restored it in a summer.

This of course drove Paul totally crazy, wondering why he couldn’t get anything accomplished.

Paul stayed up past 2 am every night, and slept through the entire morning.

His day started slowly between 12:30 and 1 in the afternoon. Paul would flip on the television and just “catch a quick half hour of news.” That was followed by watching an hour of Law and Order. Before he knew it, it was 4 pm.

Paul continued to beat himself up. He pondered:

How many stones could the Egyptians have moved in the time I’ve wasted? How far would Hannibal have marched?

What if Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo cruised through life without any dedication to making the most of their time? What would we have? Utter rubbish.


Momentum, inertia – two words Paul kept hearing in his stuck mind. He needed a push, an event that could get him out of this funk. But days turned into weeks, and then months. Paul built up piles of wasted time.

It was an act of desperation.

Jason didn’t know what hit him. Didn’t know that his words …

As Jason finished up his afternoon run, he entered the apartment, and explained to Paul how great he felt, and what he would be doing that afternoon.

Muscles twitched as Paul picked up the frame holding Jason’s college diploma. Blood erupted from Jason’s head as he fell to the ground.

No pulse. Jason was dead.


In a way, Paul was finally happy. He would have 25 years-to-life to think about what he would do each day, and not have to worry about whether he got it done, or not.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Whew…This was a bloody round, for the most part.

My stalwart judges will get back to you with the list of finalists.  Stay tuned.



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18 responses to “Sloth – Post 4

  1. Katy, it looks like I didn’t copy the last line of my entry. Can you add this to the end:

    In a way, Paul was finally happy. He would have 25 years-to-life to think about what he would do each day, and not have to worry about whether he got it done, or not.

  2. Thank goodness you added that last line-it really pulled it all together…
    …”didn’t copy the last line…” Was that cuz you were too lazy (read slothful) to copy it?! You know I’m kidding-right?

  3. And the sloth-death theme continues! I would be careful, all you lazy people out there…the message is clear: sloth kills–eventually! 😉

  4. Being one of the most deadly of sins…slothfulness…It is so sad to see those who are stricken with this disease hate those of us who are not the point of committing another sin…murder….and then even worse….suicide..for how could you live with yourself after such acts….What a waste. Thanks Katie for this exercise of our minds. Bring it on! Next?

  5. 1. MJ Monaghan – how come whenever I try to subscribe to your blog nothing happens? Any ideas? Is it personal? It’s personal, isn’t it.

    2. K8edid – your “what movie would most benefit from the addition of a dragon?” suggestion is one of the finalists! Soon you’ll be the Meryl Streep of Weekly Question of the Week”.

    • I love your Questions of the Week – and your caption contests, and your posts, and well now that I think about it – you’re so talented I probably should start to hate you at some point.

      You had some great answers this week – I’ll practice my acceptance speech, just in case.

      MJ is just playing hard to get…he was heard saying “I don’t need no stinkin’ subscribers now that I got Darla’s coffee cup and these cool shades…”

    • Dang it, B-Man, I’m not sure what the heck is happening with that. I’m on, but it should still go through I’m so UN-tech savvy. Any tips for me to figure this out??

      Here, all along, I just thought you didn’t like me. So glad I don’t have to write “Letter to The Bryronic Man Who Doesn’t Like Me!”

  6. I am enjoying reading all of the stories you’re posting. Great idea.

    • I was reading about the Seven Deadly Sins and just decided to write a short short story about each one – then it occurred to me that if I thought it was a fun idea, others might, too. It has been an awful lot of fun. Maybe you should join in?

  7. Just eread this one again … wow … blood spills again.

  8. Ooh! Wickedly evil stuff! Well done, MJ.

    I have to go back and catch up on all the others I’ve missed, Katy.

  9. Jason was an uber-organized, over-achiever. He had it coming.

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