Bloggers in Paradise

I just spoke with our beloved Peg a bit ago – seems we are passing through the same geographical area, miles from home, like two ships in the night.  Here in the lovely mitten state – Pure Michigan.  We are going to try to meet for at least a cup of coffee (who am I kidding – it’s 95 degrees here – make mine iced tea or a hard lemonade, emphasis on the HARD – or rum.  Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!!).

I’ll post an update if I connect with the lovely Peg – otherwise – we will be exactly like two ships in the night (except it’s broad daylight and we’ve got a rental car, and they’re driving, too , and… and – oh, never mind…)


The ships got close enough for these two bawdy wenches lovely ladies to meet!!  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera cord, so until my return home – this picture of Peg-0-leg and k8edid will have to do!!Peg-o-leg and k8edid meet.

Seriously, though – Ms. Peg is every bit as charming in person as portrayed and depicted in her captivating pictures on her blog.  It was, indeed, a pleasure to meet her and I promise to post the real pictures when I get back home.

Safe sailing on your journey – Miss Peg.  It was so nice to meet you and your lovely family.  Even if they did suggest we might be axe-murderers (I noticed they didn’t hesitate to drop you off – what does that imply?  In fact, they may have even pushed you out of the vehicle.  Or did I just imagine that?)



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52 responses to “Bloggers in Paradise

  1. Yay! Two of my favorite bloggers, meeting in the flesh! Wait, that sounded bad. Or did it? Probably it didn’t but I’m just inappropriate.

  2. Woo hoo! Proof you and Peg exist! Well, we didn’t actually see it happen, but I am willing to bet you left some sort of footprint, right? Wait a minute… is this a “God particle” thing?

  3. Wait, we exist outside of this?

  4. How lovely to meet another blogger in person. So do we all exist in real life or is it only in the blogosphere where we can connect?

    • We do all exist in real life – we just make electronic penpals and get to know each other in spite of the miles that separate us. It was pure coincidence that Peg and I happened to be within miles of each other in a state where neither of us lives (anymore). At one time, we lived within 10 miles of each other – many years ago.

  5. I love the notion of bloggers as two ships in the night hailing each other from distance and stopping together for a cup of delight.

  6. Yes, Virginia, there is a k8edid.
    Katy, it was so great to actually meet you and sweetcheeks (I can call him that now that we’re BWBFs (Best Wendy-buds Forever). Thanks for taking time out of your vaca to meet up. It was only 1/2 hour that our ships met in the afternoon, but it was magical. My family apologizes for thinking you 2 were axe murderers.We’ll chat more when I have better interwebz access.

    That picture really captures Katy, but she wasn’t nearly that conservative of a dresser.

  7. Both of you were very brave. So often we hear about people who meet on line and the results are…well, you know… 😉

    Seriously, though, so glad you got to meet up. I’m a bit envious I couldn’t join you!

    • I am hopeful that I will be able to meet more blogging buddies at some point. Peg was the 4th “web friend” I’ve met in person. I am always careful – only meet people with whom I have gotten to “know” over the course of a period of time – only meet in public places, and never alone. The hotel we were staying at near the Wendy’s we used as a rendevous spot was in a remote area – her family was pretty astute to comment on that fact.

  8. Oh man! What a surprise this was to read! We’re one step closer to fulfilling our Broadway dreams, I’d wager. Can’t wait to see the pic(s)!

  9. SO happy that you had a fun encounter with your fellow blogger – Peg.
    I suppose great things can come out of the internet blog scene. It gives us hope Kate doesn’t it???? We are so close – and – yet, so far. lolol
    nice pos …. !!! ~~~~ : – )

    • Oh, Isadora – once my surgery is over (a few more weeks!!!) let’s get together for tea! We are so close…

      • lovely thoughts … sorry about the surgery. I just got news, today, that I need a bit of surgery, too. I plan to postpone as much as I can. I am going to try lots of alternaives including accupuncture. I don’t do welll with surgery. I will have to think hard and long about it. Good Luck and keep us all posted. We will miss hearing from you – otherwise.
        Blessings …

  10. Were police photos involved, or was this mug-shot free, other than coffee mugs?

  11. Very cool. So glad you got to meet a bloggy friend. I look forward to doing that some day!

  12. Margie

    Did you both carry your ‘WordPress Hall Pass’ and ‘Bloggers Get Out of Jail Free Card’? Personally, I don’t think it is safe to leave the confines of the blogosphere without some ID and an emergency response plan. The Real World is a scary place.

    • I love the idea of a WordPress Hall pass!!

      I am probably in more danger at my local Walmart than I am meeting a blogging buddy, don’t you think?

  13. While the above photo is lovely, I’d like to see further proof.

      • Thank you! This is fabulous, love it! You guys ARE real! More pictures would be even better…? Like one of the both of you standing on the tables behind you dancing and gettin jiggy with it?

      • Tar-Buns

        Peg was so excited to meet you in person, Katie. Glad to see the picture. Too bad you flew in during the week of heat-hell in MI. We could barely stay dry while outside until the terrible heatwave broke Saturday.
        We had hoped to plan my blog but with a big family like ours, time flies with all the get togethers and trying to visit while all together.
        PS – today is the Rooster’s Birthday! (Peg’s hubby – fine chap!)
        T-Berry, Peg’s sister 🙂

        • Oh, T-Berry. Your sister is a peach!!! Yes, it was hotter than a one-night stand (or so I’ve heard, wouldn’t know anything about that kind of stuff). Glad it has cooled off. You really, really, need to get working on that blog. It is a source of great joy.

          I must ask, though, how does one get the name TarBuns?

          And a Happy Birthday to the Rooster.

          • Tar-Buns

            All will be revealed in good time! 🙂 Guess I’ll have to travel to Pegoleg Land to get things rolling…

            • Tar-Buns

              OK, I guess I can share with you, now that I know it’s safe, you’re safe, since you met Peg. And, you are the first to ask me that question.
              Tar-Buns is a family nickname which started many moons ago, when I was very young and at Girl Scouts camp. It was my ‘camp’ name (Tar) and quite disingenuous.
              Wonder what people think it means/where it comes from?

  14. I am insanely jealous of you. But I want to meet you as well. I love people who have an overload of brain cells and reserve a lot of them for humor.

    • There is talk of a get-together at some point in the fall. If that doesn’t work out and you come to Florida again I’ll do my best to get there. This damned job gets getting in the way of my fun.

      If you want to meet me while I still have brain cells – better do it soon, though.

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  17. That is really the coolest! That’s what I love the most about blogging; the connections that we make. They are as true a friendship as any real ones!

    • Well, I did have a bit of fun with the other pics, as well. I have met 3 other ladies that I met on discussion boards (that I belonged to for several years). Each meeting was great fun, and I felt that I already “knew” that person.

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