When Comments Attack

Sometimes I think I enjoy the give and take of commenting more than the actually torture exercise of writing that is blogging.  I’ve written comments on other people’s blogs that were more like blog posts themselves, and certainly are larger in volume than the sum total of any “novel” I pretend to be writing.  Sometimes, before my multiple cups of caffeinated beverages kicks in, my snarkiness get the better of me…

I’ve also been known to hijack a blog post or two – I’ve even been known to hijack my own blog comments as evidenced by Saturday’s exchange with Dave from 1point perspective.  If you stopped by early in the day, or skipped my post  that day (WHAT?)  about a bakery I had visited on vacation:  Witness:


 … I understand your reluctance to post this given, the horrific event of the Thursday night, but in my view, this post was entirely positive, and of course, liberally peppered with humor.


Dave was a really good sport about my relentless stalking. commenting.  I don’t know about him, but I kept hoping someone would join in the merriment – or tell us to knock it off.  I think Dave and I would have been the kind of kids that would have had to have been separated in class…or most likely to get kicked out of a bar together as adults.  I simply could not let him have the last word on my blog.

Make sure to read Dave’s winning entries in the Seven Deadly Sins Series – and he’s about due to win another round, I’m sure.  And he draws illustrations for each entry – he is a witty and talented man, for sure…and frankly I am beginning to resent him a lot.

Which reminds me – I am going to start posting entries in the next day or two.  I have had trouble with SpamBots submitting bogus, one- or two-word submissions, and submissions going to my spam folder (none from people I recognized) but I can’t read them there for some reason.  If you do not see your entry in the next few days, please let me know.  I’m working on cleaning up my inbox and might have missed one.

Please, for the love of all that is punny – do not let Dave win again.  Get your story in.

Deadline is Saturday, July 28 at Midnight…Join in the fun.


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62 responses to “When Comments Attack

  1. well…I would’ve joined in the pun but I didn’t feel like sifting through the comments.

    See? I’m not good at this stuff. That was a pretty epicurious post hijack, guys–kudos to you both.

    Katy, my entry is halfway done. I am trying to pretend Dave hasn’t entered his yet. I will get it to you by Saturday for sure.

  2. For a doughnut or two I could probably lose Dave’s entry…Just saying…SpamBots and all…

  3. This is hilarious! I love the batter!

  4. I will not be sending Katy my illustration. My lust submission will have to win or lose on the merits of its 600 words. If you want to see the post with the illustration, it’s over on my blog now. If you want to spend an entire morning desperately trying to come up with baking-related words to play puns, you missed it, suckers!

  5. But, as one of the kids in a class like yours, it was so entertaining to watch, I never wanted to get involved in that banter. I am a member of the audience, not a performer. I love it when you get on a roll. 🙂

  6. Many thoughts fermenting in the brain but now I address this comment from Julia Childs to the pair of you – “Ye gods! But you’re not standing around holding it by the hand all this time

  7. Oh, my gosh that was so much fun…I’m glad you brought our attention to your witty banter…but I did think for a minute that there was going to be no end to it…you both wanted the last word. Fun to the last crumb!

  8. omggggggg, Aaaaawesome! ❤

  9. Very entertaining. Thank you.

  10. An epic comment hijack for sure – I’m exhausted just reading it!

  11. I’m new(ly returned?) here. I wasn’t sure what the etiquette was. 🙂

  12. I’ve been a slacker on all fronts. Actually, I believe I’ve been living at least one or two of the sins lately and have accomplished very little. But I enjoyed the rich and tasty banter between you and Dave.

  13. Hilarious! Those comments went on for quite a while. After reading all that, I’m really hungry.

  14. Oh, man, the two of you in the same ‘room’ – fuhgeddaboutit! I LOVED this. Puns are/wordplay is my fav, and you never disappoint! (You have a gift for caption contests, too. I’m always like, “Sh*t. Katy’s here. We’re all screwed.”)

    I completely agree the blog comment exchange is almost always more rewarding than the writing itself.

    And yes, I am about to FINALLY submit my Lust entry with…like, 13 hours to spare! LOL But I feel compelled to read all of the other entries first, which I bet is a HUGE mistake…

    • I was just getting ready to come looking for you, Miss Sassy-stache. I am sure your entry is going to rock…although the competition is, ahem….stiff.

      If someone ever posts a job opening for hip punster-caption writer – contest organizer…I’m gonna be all over it.

      • Bada bing! She does it again. LOL

        Okay, you know I’m done reading all of the entries, crying, and licking my wounds when you see it come through. Read Dave’s so far – no fair he has drawings, too! 😉

  15. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Speaking of spam and your comments, I just discovered yesterday that WordPress delivered a number of your comments to my spam folder. I am shaking my fist at WordPress, but . . . y’know, they do allow me to enjoy your silliness (and not-silliness, too, sometimes), so maybe I’ll damp down the fist-shaking. A little.

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