Celebrate Good Times – Come On!!

Did you know?  Today is Creamsicle Day!!!  Yay….

Grab a creamy cold one and join me…

It is also “Husbands in Love Day”  Yay!!!

My Love

My Love (Photo credit: Jennuine Captures)

Do you have a husband who loves you like crazy and is not afraid to show the world?  Me, too!!!

It is, also, brace yourselves – World Lizard Day.  {{{SCREECH}}}  What?  You don’t celebrate World Lizard Day?  Come on, people, show the lizards of the world a little love.

Here are some shots of the lizards that live in my yard…Yeah, they are everywhere.  If I could only catch one of these little bastards beauties, we’d have a real par-tay!

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What are you celebrating today?



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49 responses to “Celebrate Good Times – Come On!!

  1. Lizards don’t get nearly the media attention they deserve on days like today!

  2. I’ll raise a creamsicle in honor of today! (but no lizards…)
    Today we’re all happy because the sun is out (finally) and we’re counting down the days until school.

  3. Oh my god! To think my bloganniversary is the same day as Creamsicle Day. This has brought a vanilla tear encased in orange yumminess to my eye. I remember the day I would eat an entire box in one sitting. I miss my old metabolism.

  4. Creamsicle Day…I had no idea…I used to love those! I’m celebrating those little lizards too…we have tons of them around our house…I do love them too. Also, pre-celebrating my soon-to-be-born first grandchild (a girl)…she’s due on the 20th…I’m on the edge of my seat! Thanks for a fun post, Katy.

  5. Lizards creep me out. Seriously – I have this recurring fantasy/daymare about coming around the corner and being confronted by a Komodo dragon. But I love all manner of frozen confections, so here’s a creamsicle lifted in your honor.

    • It has taken me quite a while to get used to the slithery little darlings…but I can tell you they do not fare well in the permanent press cycle of the washer (my laundry room is out in the garage and they are, well, they are everywhere!!!).

      I am saddened that no one wants to celebrate World Lizard Day with me and my little buddies…

  6. Count me in the Creamsicle crowd, too, but I shall celebrate your love of lizards and your husband’s love of you because those are happy things!

    • Yay, here – put on this little Lizard Day hat…and the love of a husband is a good thing.

      On three everybody – raise that Creamsicle…one. two. three.

  7. I’m celebrating that you seem to be getting back to your normal self–at least I hope so. And my back went out on me late Sunday (yes, it has a better social life than I do), but seems to be much better today–Yippee!

    • Yes. I think I am getting back to normal – but I have the attention span, and the energy level, of a newborn infant…

      Sorry to hear about your back…but celebrating that it seems much better today…

  8. KD, I am so glad I read this post before leaving. I have just finished unpacking the car. The boys and I were going to head down to see you and make sure you were on the mend. However, once I realized how many lizards surround your home, I had to nix the whole trip.
    I’m afraid I would not be able to get the attention of my boys, once they caught sight of a lizard (or five). It would not be pretty, as they continually asked you for jars upon jars with lids with holes upon lids with holes.
    Gosh. I am so bummed right now. Good thing it is National Creamsicle Day. I think I’ll drown my sorrow in a creamsicle (or five).

    • Drats – I was so looking forward to your visit. My yard would be a little boys dream…I also have tree frogs…and many bugs.

      I would be so happy to have a visit from you…so happy. Maybe next time? I have surgery, I mean, or your boys get super bored and want a lizard. The one guy with the red stuff on his throat stalks me. I think he loves me. He does this little dance when he sees me, it’s like 20 push-up with his little short arms, then he looks both ways (twice) then he puffs out his bright red throat. I keep telling him I’m not his type – but he won’t listen, he is smitten…

      • Hahahahahahahaha! Oh man. I am such a lizard dork. Your comment about the guy with the red throat doing his dance is making me laugh to the point of tears. Dang. I know way too much about lizards! Get the visual out of my head!! Aaaaaah!
        That’s hilarious, Katy. Yes, I believe he is trying hard to get your attention. They can be a bit stubborn.
        Sha’woo. Hilarious!!

  9. I suspect you know what I’m celebrating. 🙂

    Add to that one thing, though: I’m celebrating your celebration!

  10. I think I will celebrate the lizards…creamsicles make me fat and so does the eating disorder my ex causes….lol!

  11. I always love when you talk about what ‘day’ it is – for some reason I always feel like the last to know these things. When is Bacon Day? I want to be ready for that one.

    Hmm. Maybe I’ll make today Bacon and Vodka Day. I’m halfway there already.

    NO. I’ve only done the bacon part. Geesh.

  12. Who knew there were holidays honoring creamsicles and/or lizards–let alone that they’d be one and the same! Thanks for this remarkable news!

  13. I am celebrating “End my streak of no creamsicles day” tomorrow.

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhh, those little bastards are GORGEOUS! (as far as lizards go)


  15. So I came, liked, left and found on fb it is or was National Lefties Day. Had to come back and report my research….okay just left again to confirm — it was August 13! Thank goodness there are lizards and creamsicles for 8-14.

  16. Leaping lizards, you’ve got some beautiful critters in your back yard. I’m quite fond of them and enjoyed your pictures.

    • Thanks, it took me a while to get used to them, but now I am really fond of them. I’ve got a brilliant green one, but he is elusive when I have my camera in hand.

  17. YAY … I love Creamsicles> I will celebrate that. Do they still make them??? I’ll have to check out the freezer section of Publix.
    I hate those little lizards. I had a cat who used to kill them She is gone now but she was a good little hunter. My friend told me they are very agressive to their mates. They force them to you-know-what. I think that’s rape in my book. This guy know everything about nature. He won’t tell me how to kill them with because he doesn’t believe in destroying the environment. Just my luck…!!! ~~~~ : – O
    Yes – I have a hubby who loves me like crazy. We will be coming up on our 47th Anniversary next week. UGH … is everyone counting on their fingers to figure out my age????
    Nice post – Kate.
    P.S. I couldn’t get the photo’s to open. Is it just my computer???

  18. Val

    Yay! Happy creamsicle and lizard and husband day! 😉

  19. I can’t believe I missed this great holiday. Shoot!

    What else have I missed that involves food?

  20. I can’t believe I missed Creamsicle Day. That’s what I get for traveling and being disconnected.

    I’m not bummed about missing Lizard Day though. ::shudder::

  21. There’s a day for everything. I’m not sure I’ll even get out of bed anymore.

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