Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

I wanted to try one of the new photo gallery options at Word Press. I like it!

These things make me smile.

I’ll be back with regular posting starting next week, friends.


October 5, 2012 · 9:36 PM

28 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. –Glad you are smiling :))))) Xx

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  3. Looking forward to having you back. If next week is too soon, I don’t mind waiting some more. If nothing else, old age has made me a little more patient.

    • I don’t know if old-age has made me more patient or if I just forget what it was I was waiting for.

      It is time for me to get back to posting regularly. I’ve missed it.

      • I know the feeling. I fell off the radar myself, between a neck problem and my work schedule, I missed the better part of a month. This is important to me (I can say that here, where only fellow bloggers will see it).

        Anyway, it’ll be nice to have you back.

  4. AStevens

    Fun! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, you are welcome…It was surprisingly easy to use. Even for a technologically challenged grandmother with no kids or grandkids in the general vicinity (my usual means of tech-support).

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  6. Whoaaaaa, Katy. You are blowing my mind with this! Thanks for clueing me in to this new feature – I LOVE it! And hey, I can put off my HTML homework for a little longer… It’s only Saturday morning…

    • I loved the gallery feature…and had a good time plowing through hundreds of pictures to find some…I get to put off housework, schoolwork, routine personal hygiene, and well, just about everything else….you’re right, it is only Saturday morning. Soon I’ll be wailing that my weekend is gone, but…who cares?

  7. SO good to know you’re coming back, Katie! Great collage. 🙂

    • Thanks – I thought a photo challenge would be an easy “fluffy” assignment to ease me back into the swing of things. The new gallery feature is really nice.

      I am so “rested” that

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  9. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I loved this! Happy-happy Joy-joy!

  11. Your words and pictures make ME happy.

  12. I also just tried the new photo gallery. I like it.
    My favorite (and I didn’t have time to comment on the weekend) is the top right picture. And the 2nd is eating the donut.

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