BlogFestivus – Dancer


“Look, Sheriff,” Dasher stammered.  “I gotta dash.  I’m taking Mrs. Claus to see Santa over at the rehab facility.”

“Not so fast.  Which of your antlered friends is missing?”  The Sheriff tapped his finger on the photo.

“I don’t have my glasses – I can’t see so clearly.  If there’s nothing else, I’m outta here.”

“Okay, send in – let’s see, Dancer, I guess.”

All right.  Sheriff, just know this…Dancer is, shall we say, a little dramatic”.

Dancer slid into the chair, crossed his legs, tilted his head and peered at the Sheriff.

“I don’t believe we’ve met.  Dancer LeDeer.”

“Yeah, yeah…let’s get down to business.  What’s wrong with this picture, Mr. LeDeer.”

“Oh, my, well let’s see.  This was taken the night of the…oh, yes.  I remember this picture.  I was trying to get the club to underwrite the musical I wrote and choreographed, Rooftop Rhapsody.”

“Musical?”  the Sheriff looked confused.

“Yes, Sheriff.  I tried to get this project underway. Introduce a little culture.  There was, um, some resistance.”


“Yes, Sheriff.  Resistance.  Fighting.  Rudolph outright refused, Vixen demanded the female lead…Donner stomped out.  Blitzen – pure diva.”  Dancer’s eyes rolled.

“Female lead?”

“Sheriff, I’ve got to run.  Dance class over at the pond.”  Dancer pushed a slipping antler with his manicured hoof.

“Whoa.  Are those fake?”

“Sheriff, nothing is what it seems.  Including that crazy photo.”

“Are you saying this picture is staged?  What kind of polar poop is going on here?”

“Sheriff…I’m done here.”


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31 responses to “BlogFestivus – Dancer

  1. I’m glad I have more than half of these things already written, or I’d feel like I was stealing ideas. FYI, my effeminate reindeer is not Dancer – stay tuned though, he’ll be sashaying in before long!

  2. I’m glad I have most of mine written too for I also have a gay reindeer though he’s in the closet at the moment!!!
    Great story line…like the progress..looking forward to tomorrow 😉

  3. I’m lovin’ BlogFestivus.

  4. You’re so good at this kind of stuff, Katy. What fun!

  5. “Polar poop.” You made me spill my coffee with this one…I’ll put on my rubber suit for tomorrow’s installment.

  6. “Are those fake”? Has to be my favorite line of the day 🙂

  7. Like the scene setting, but I need to know what’s going to happen next, though. Oh, Bah Humbug. 🙂

  8. What a fun exercise! I’m off to read the other offerings.

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  10. “Nothing is what it seems.” Wonderful! (And intriguing.)

  11. Amy

    Ooh, I like Dancer. So sassy! And “polar poop” is awesome!

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