BlogFestivus 2012 – Comet

BlogFestivus 2012 – 243 words – 9 days – 9 Reindeer (wait, are there 9?)

Comet slid across the barn floor – skidded to a stop and struck his best Tom Cruise/Risky Business pose. His right hoof held an imaginary mike – his rear left leg keeping time to the beat…”Just take those old records off the shelf…” he crooned. There was a loud banging on the barn door.

“What are you doing in there, Comet. Come on, open up.”

“Don’t get your harness in a twist,” Comet shouted. He slid the latch back and rolled the door open.

“Hey, nice get up.” Dasher quipped. Comet was suddenly very self-conscious in his whitey-tighties, button down shirt and socks as Dasher, Dancer and Prancer entered.
“Just practicing my karaoke act…” Comet struggled into a pair of sweatpants.

“Yeah, well, we’ve got bigger things to worry about,” Dasher said. He held out a note:


“Whoa! What in the name of Frosty’s feces is that all about?” Comet asked.

“It was left on the porch at the bunkhouse. What are we going to do?” Dasher asked. “The Sheriff has been asking lot of questions. Santa’s going to be released from rehab tomorrow, and we haven’t even had a trial run this season. No one has seen Rudolph since the last meeting, and…”

“Hold up, Dasher. No one’s seen Rudolph since Thanksgiving?” Comet racked his brain, trying to remember the last time he’d seen the ruby-schnozzed reindeer himself.

“No. We photoshopped that picture for the club brochure, but no one’s seen him. No one.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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13 responses to “BlogFestivus 2012 – Comet

  1. jrosenberry1

    The poison pen letter is brilliant … and …. frosty’s feces? Oh my! This is great!

  2. Rudolph has been kidnapped? The scoundrels!

  3. Forgive me for my briefest of comments – I was fatigued. Nice post!

    • I’m running out of steam, myself…I wish I had written a few posts ahead of time (but I’m pretty much an “off the cuff” type gal). Just keeping up with all the posts is wearing me out. I have to get my post done each day before I read the others, so it’s pretty late at night before I get to some of them – my comments have been brief, as well.

  4. I’m impressed with the quality of the writing. I agree with you and 1Point. This has been a tiring challenge. Fun but tiring. I may shut down for the holidays and pay some attention to my own ruby-schnozzed reindeer. 😉

  5. Comet slid across the barn floor – skidded to a stop and struck his best Tom Cruise/Risky Business pose. His right hoof held an imaginary mike – his rear left leg keeping time to the beat… I love that film! Now all I can see is a reindeer head superimposed on Tom Cruise’s body! Loving it. 🙂

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