I’ll Take Post-Concussion Activities for 200, Alex

Since being diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome last week, I’ve entertained myself in various ways.  Here’s a sampling:

English: iPad 2 with Smart Cover running iMovie.

English: iPad 2 with Smart Cover running iMovie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  •  Played 635 games of solitaire on the work I-pad.  Sure, I know I should have been doing actual work on the darned thing, but I had to keep checking my vision and cognitive abilities, didn’t I?
The moon Rosalind of Uranus.

The moon Rosalind of Uranus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  •  Investigated steps involved to legally change my name to include a middle name (Delilah, Rosalind and Sophia are the top contenders – except that naming myself for a moon of Uranus only sets me up for endless jokes from my boys)

 Kindle App Updated to Version 2.1, New Fonts a...

  • Spent hours admiring the unread selections on my Kindle for PC app, Kindle for Android app, and Kindle for I pad app (Vision too blurry still to actually READ for any length of time but the pretty bookcovers kept me quite entertained. ).  If I live to be 100 I probably couldn’t read all the books I’ve downloaded.    That isn’t my Kindle account, but I’ve noticed a few I wouldn’t mind downloading…

  • Slept about twice as much as usual, which means I’ve probably slept about the amount that normal people sleep, and about one-eighth as much as my dog, Shelby sleeps.


  • Pondered whether the career choices I made, and the ones I didn’t make, last week  were the right ones…
Pie chart showing causes of concussion in scho...

Pie chart showing causes of concussion in schoolchildren from Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Learned to make pie charts because it was easier than learning to make decent pie crust – one thing at which I truly suck.   (I also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to determine how “struck by person” and “assault” would be different.  Maybe it’s just me?)
Best Final Jeopardy Category Ever

Best Final Jeopardy Category Ever (Photo credit: AsGood)

  • Took the on-line audition test for prospective Jeopardy contestants.  Yes, I did.  I was curious to see how my addled brain would do…I was stumped on a couple of the questions (5o total, 15 seconds allotted for each) but I thought I did surprisingly well.  For someone who didn’t even recognize they had a concussion last week.  Even though I couldn’t remember if I had fed the dog or put on clean underwear (or any for that matter), I suddenly remembered the name of the host of Jeopardy from many years ago when my mother was the reigning Jeopardy queen – Art Fleming.  I doubt anything will come of the on-line audition/test, but imagine the blog fodder if I were selected!


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31 responses to “I’ll Take Post-Concussion Activities for 200, Alex

  1. Katy, you would be an amazing Jeopardy contestant, with or without the concussion. But you know, I think your life is far more interesting than those of the contestants — have you noticed that that little 30 second blurb they have with each one competes for the most boring factoid possible?

    “Oh, so you once hung a striped curtain across a window … tell us more.” Snooze.

  2. Definitely it is time to take a serious rest! I knew someone who suffered a concussion and found the recuperation to be discouragingly long, but she DID recover. So, take heart and take it easy.

    • I really have made great progress…the memory can be a little fuzzy though (but it was before, too) and the vision problems come and go. The ER doc said “weeks…sometimes longer:..” so I am trying to be patient. I am back at work, but I am being gentle with myself.

  3. Fingers crossed you get on Jeopardy AND that Things I Did to Your Mom Last Night is the final round.

    I hear you on the Kindle. I have soooooo many books to read on there and I know I never will. Currently I’m in the middle of three so-called ‘real’ books, (the kind with hardcovers!) sitting next to my bed. And I start school back up next week. I’ve been reading so much my head is gonna pop.

    You rest up and feel better, Katy Sophia!

  4. Deborah the Closet Monster

    If more Jeopardy categories were like that, I would watch far more Jeopardy!

  5. Jeopardy is always about the categories isn’t it. There are the ones you rock at and then those horrible ones where you stare at the board and watch the questions roll by. Feel better soon!

    • My mom loved to watch Jeopardy – and kept score…there are few categories that I feel I could “run the board” with and some would induce tears, I’m sure.

  6. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get on Jeopardy, too. Hope you’re less concussive soon!

    • I am sure there have hundreds of thousands of people take those tests on-line…you have to register at only a certain time, log on at only a certain time, etc, etc. It was a fun exercise, if nothing else.

  7. Feeling suddenly lazy as your “rest” week was a lot busier than my busy week 🙂

  8. I second what Tori said. Your concussive week blows away my past few weeks.

  9. You would be fabulous on Jeopardy.

    And my pie crusts suck, too. THAT should be your factoid.

    “Can’t make pie crusts?”
    “Nope (launch into long well-rehearsed story about the reason — lies, all lies) and end. I do, however, make a mean pie chart.

    Oh THAT would be delicious.

    • Yeah – I can do almost anything I set my mind to – except back a trailered boat into the water and make pie crust. What is up with that?

      And for the record – pie charts are not nearly as tasty as a well-made pie crust…

  10. I’m kind of fixating on you not having a middle name, and kind of (okay, really) wanting you to make a pie chart representing all of the options and the percent to which you’re leaning towards them.

    Please note this is how I think when I haven’t slammed my head in the shower.

    Based on this post, I think you’re gonna be just fine. 🙂

  11. I’m also intrigued by the middle name options. You wouldn’t actually have to introduce yourself as “Katy Rosalind, Moon of Uranus. Damn glad to meet you.”, would you? You should have a contest…once your brain stops rattling around.

  12. A concussion? My goodness! I’m glad you’re finding ways to keep yourself busy but not being able to read has got to be a bummer. Solitaire is almost as good though. 🙂 Hope you start feeling better soon!

  13. I am so pleased you are recovering. Take time don’t push. I have three middle names, it isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

    You would be fabulous on any game show requiring intellect / knowledge. You would blow them away, truly.

    • Hi, Valentine…thanks for stopping in. I always tell people my folks couldn’t afford a middle name – I don’t know the story but I’ve been told there was some disagreement between my parents (who divorced shortly after I was born). Usually it doens’t bother me, but I often get mail with “N” used as a middle initial (it problably comes from “NMI – no middle initial” which was routinely entered into forms before the age of computers…

  14. —–You’d be awesome, dear! I’ve never watched, but i’d watch youuuuu x

  15. Are you feeling any better yet? You sure write a great blog post for someone konked on the noggin! 😉

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