Shift Change – Romantic Monday

My husband and I are working different shifts – he comes to bed as I am waking up and leaves for work as I am driving home at the end of my work day. Sometimes those brief moments when we are both in the same location (our bed) at the same time are all we have together in the course of our day.

My first entry in Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday weekly feature:



In the quiet predawn hour

I listen for his key in the lock –

Home after a long night shift.

I’ve warmed his side of the bed

With my head on his pillow.

He hopes I am asleep but secretly

Wants to snuggle and talk

Before attempting to sleep

Through a day filled with lawnmowers,

Barking dogs, sirens and sunshine.

He slides under the covers;

Icy skin against my warmth.

Snuggled perfectly and comfortably we

Drift in and out of sleep, together.

My arm around him, our fingers intertwined.

His breathing slows – mine quickens

Neither moves – he drifts off to sleep

I drift awake – a sweet transition.

Happy for the closeness.

Together in this moment.

For the rest of our lives



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34 responses to “Shift Change – Romantic Monday

  1. This is beautiful. And soooo heartwarming.

  2. Wow, for a first attempt – this was pretty awesome!

    • Thank you. I’ve enjoyed reading the offerings over at EH’s and thought I’d give it a try. After 33 years of togetherness, the sweet moments shared are more romantic to me than any of the wining, dining or other flowery manifestations of love.

  3. This is terrific! And Happy (belated) Birthday!

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  5. Love in it’s simplest form- awesome!

  6. That warmed me right up, Katy. Beautiful!

  7. Sweet. working opposite shifts is hard. What a nice way to acknowledge those precious moments.

    • Sometimes it is very, very hard. When I am having a bad day at work, I think about him still there in the bed. When I need to “go to my happy place” that is where I go in my thoughts. To those very moments in that very spot.

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  9. Running from Hell with El

    Mmmmm I love this. Makes me wanna call my husband and wish him a good morning. Beautiful writing.

  10. I second Running from Hell, “Mmmmm”
    This was delicious, Katy.

    • I just want to go back home and crawl into the bed next to him…why, oh, why did I ever leave the house this morning?

      Thanks for your kind words. To me the simplest expressions of love are the best (he lets the dog out for me and I warm his side of the bed).

  11. mikew66

    wow you just described my life

  12. I’m trying to think of a comment that will do this lovely poem justice, but I’m just sitting here grinning and going: AWWWWWW.

  13. Katie, that is very romantic in a sad sort of way. I hope this isn’t a long-lasting arrangement….

    • I guess it does seem a little sad – mostly because some days those little moments are all we have together…but I am so glad for them. Thanks for stopping by. How is your book doing?

  14. Awwwww. You’re a softie underneath all that grumpy bluster!

    Very lovely, Katy!

    • What? Me a softie? Clearly you have mistaken me for someone who loves their husband very much and occasionally remembers to appreciate the sweet, simple joy of being together. Clearly.

  15. This is truly lovely. What a wonderful first entry.

  16. This makes me love love even more! ❤ Jen

  17. so much love…oh wow..good for some of us as it reinstates our belief, love exists…god bless!

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