I Get Around. Or so I’ve Heard.

Be sure to check out my post over at Life in the Boomer Lane today. It is one I wrote early in my blogging career and was read by only a few folk. Renee is very passionate about promoting awareness of issues concerning boomers and aging – and she does so with humor, compassion, and words that will make you spit your coffee all over the keyboard or laugh till you cry. Either way, there will be body fluids. Plus, she wears really cute shoes.

I also have a new blog “DreadMill Diaries” about my adventures in trying to whip myself (literally and figuratively) into shape. You can pop over there by clicking on the tab at the top (up there at the top of this page, on the left) if you’re interested. No need to follow both blogs – unless you’re a true glutton for punishment, that is. I’ll try to let you know on this blog if I post anything exciting (like if the DreadMill attacks, I choke that effin’ know-it-all other voice, or I commit some heinous crimes due to low blood sugar). It’s going to be an adventure.

And, if you didn’t see it already – I have a post that I wrote for Romantic Monday over at Edward Hotspur’s place.


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12 responses to “I Get Around. Or so I’ve Heard.

  1. You are all over the place girl! I will try to track you down!

  2. I read your post on Renee’s blog and commented that I think you must have been speaking to and about me and my friends. 🙂

  3. #1 Son

    Isn’t it about time to change the title of this blog? Maybe advanced age? Far middle?

  4. Because somebody had to:

  5. Off to see what you have to say for yourself!

  6. Busy Lady! I guess you’re making up for some lost time, eh? 😉

  7. A new blog? What? Have you decided to give up sleeping? I checked out Renee’s – LOVE that post, Katy.

  8. So you’re whoring around the interwebz, eh? Nice. Your mother warned you about that, you know.

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