Freshly Pegged – Yes, ME!!!

Hey, you guys all know Peg-o-Leg, right?  Well, you should know her – she is immensely talented and happens to be the only WordPress blogger that I have actually met in person (so far).  Her family dropped her off for a visit with me at a deserted Wendy’s, even though they expressed concern that I might be an axe murderer.

Peg has a feature, called “Freshly Pegged” over at her blog, where she features posts from her posse of followers and bloggy friends.  These posts are some that mysteriously escaped the attention of the Freshly Pressed Overlords, but are worthy of a look-see.

Pop on over to Peg’s and read my post “Stuck in the Middle (Age) With You” here.


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19 responses to “Freshly Pegged – Yes, ME!!!

  1. KBT

    Don’t you love when online meets real life in a super fun way?! I’ll be sure to stop by!

  2. I love the comment about being invisible – at 47, that is exactly it. I never thought of it quite that way. Everything is about others and although I have never liked the spotlight, I may as well be holding up the wall. Well said!

  3. So glad to have you classing up the joint today!

  4. Glad she waited till you were home to do this, otherwise you might have missed your moment in the sun.

  5. You deserve it Katy! It’s a great piece. Freshly Pressed blew it big time.

  6. Hey, Katy! Just poppin’ in to see how you are and I hope you’re feeling better. Thinking of you…

  7. Hi Katy,

    Hope you are doing well.


  8. K8e, Thinking of you and hoping you are on the mend. Take care MI buddy. gs

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